Friday, January 8, 2016



Temecula, CA – Before a fork-in-the-road put my old friends and I into two different fantasy realms,
one cosplay, one actual, and long before anyone whined in Escondildo about starting the phenomena regardless of what you may read elsewhere, a real music scene, with our Saint Bipsy, birthed here with all the drama, angst, majesty, and tragedy of any scene anywhere. Most of us had scene names, and real train-wrecks got new names every six months. One young woman was her own easel, an observation it took me six months to deduce. Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.

But time moves on and we have too, all of us though one day we will gather at the by and by. For now this day brings Temecula's best Cantina Band, this year's winner at the TVMAs, Master Splinter and The Shredders. The 'best' cover band and most popular in town decided to step out the same day Oregon ranchers stepped in. Saturday was a busy day for a lot of folks.

All photos are of MSATS when they took the stage at the Ivan McCosplay [yeah, our Ivan] New Year event that happened at Club M15, just up the 15 at the industrial plaza by Dos Logos. Following the pictures is the video “I Love Cosplay” by Harley Gold [yeah, our Jamaal], and then a video from before we all had secret identities. Those were the days.
The place was packed. 

Harley Gold - I Love Cosplay

Inverse - Do You Wanna

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