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Temecula, CA – This article commences to say that we are in the 25th year of the third world war as predicted by Nostradamus in the 1500s. Yesterday was the anniversary. However, like in the days of Noah, most people didn't see the connection. Most, but not all people.

We live in a strange time. There is more access to knowledge and history, hidden and revealed and theoretical, but people are meaner, less educated, and as judgmentally not caring as has ever been witnessed by anyone over the age of 50. People my age, 70, if they seem as fit as myself [knocking on head, cough wood], are on a cruise, an ad picture for some 'seniors' meds or a fitness program, or if more normal are 'broke down' health-wise. They're a puffing and a wheezing like there is a hundred pound weight attached to them. If you happen to drive through a northern big city ghetto or small Southern town/city, notice how older black people walk. Now you see a similar walk of despair among the young homeless.

This third world war was talked of in rhyme through political rap music heard in this valley's golden era of underground. There the war roots went back much further but there is no denying that Desert Storm was the start. Also foretold by the seer were war flare-ups that would sustain the continuing war effort before a tumultuous climax. Given that other clues point to the much heralded end times being here, aka 'last predicted Pope' it is truly amazing that so many people either don't believe, want to believe, or just don't see the writing on the wall.

Of course the more ominous prediction is the mass deception of the world led stray. Were it not for events like Occupy, Label GMOs, and different political groups pushing back, the whole world, not just the United States would seem in a Kafka-risque nightmare. You would think with the world spinning, people would want to hold onto something as solid as the Bible. But even that appears compromised. Unless??

The 'cross in the sky' pictures taken New Year's weekend were authentic and reported to be a sign, in that it is the timing of a miracle or sign that is to be read, not how any particular sign or miracle was physically possible.

So if the 'sky cross' pics weren't exclusively blessing the Oregon Occupy or highlighting the country's double standard of 'Brutishness being in the eye of the Beholder' to 'Yours, Mine, and Theirs' in concerning our over-reaching elected monarchy, what is the full or wider meaning?

The entire ME thing is ours, America's, to own and thinking that those in charge, many of which have Christian backgrounds, don't know the ramifications of their actions is ludicrous. They are most certainly aware of the situation as CFR documents would show. So those on one side of the equation are trying to bring about certain ends, aka ISIS, the same as those of the Central Bank. For the rest of us caught in the middle, it's time to face one certainty. This war is being fought by the 3 major faiths in the Bible and the Qu'ran. Rather than pick sides, what does the book I am familiar with say about the little people?

Every book on Life stresses becoming a better person to see the big picture. A friend recently called me over issues between decked-out Las Vegas medical marijuana walk-in clinics and weedmaps dropping the delivery services from their web service. I pointed out to him that people who go in for that sort of thing are not the same market as an elderly mmj patient who would rather sit in the comfort of their house or apartment and call out for a sac. Don't stress about how big your slice of the pie is, be concerned in keeping the pie available to all because all are involved. Being the bigger thinking person keeps you, if you can believe all the books theme, in the percentage of those who survive what's to come.

What's coming isn't just some ELE [Extinction Level Event] but catastrophes that will wipe out around two billion people. This figure may or may not include those attributed to our over-zealous video game militarized police force, a side effect of being 'at war' for over 25 years. At any rate, believing in something, no matter your faith, trying to live the best and most noble principles of that faith belief would seem to grant you entrance into the 2/3 survival ratio since good outnumbers evil [open to debate depending how you see the creation of man].

This 25th Anniversary is important because it signals the coming end of the tunnel for 'first death', or the lead-up to the 1000 year reign of peace on earth and an end to death [temporarily]. That's the good news. The no-so-good news is this last 2-3 year stretch could be one punch after another, but again, both the Bible and Qu'ran talk of oasis as islands of peace [awareness].

The 'cross in the sky' may just be an acknowledgement to the testimony of the ranchers taking the oppressive government and sheeple to task. Perhaps there was a sign somewhere for Saudi Arabia that acknowledged their metaphysical-religious side in this long-predicted confrontation. Whatever caused by, whether the appearance shows right angle chem trails or two dissimilar clouds that drifted together, the 'cross' shows to a believing valley, us here, that God as we picture 'Him or Her' is not napping or off in some other universe because whom or whatever caused that 'sign' to appear is aware of our particular local religion, our current government feeling, which way Oregon faces from Murrieta, CA, the religion of the ranchers in Oregon, and that at least one person would be around to take a picture of it. And that person would have internet access and a market base of readers. How awesome is that?

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