Thursday, January 14, 2016



Temecula, CA – Tonight the Republican debate has its latest round and the core has shrunk again. Realistically, unless all the candidates but John Edward are on a bus that careens over a cliff, 'JEB' should be toast after this showing. Also on the top tier, Dr. Ben seems a whack job, Rubio seems a slacker and a poor one at that, while Cruz is still born a Canadian. Trump didn't just single Obama out on where he was born. The birther dispute over Cruz will derail him because he doesn't have the same pull as Barack.

Speaking of Obama and Hillary, our twin towers from the 2008 run for the emperor of the world, Hillary has come West to try for the funds that Republicans, rich Republicans, don't want to donate to loose cannon bad boy Donald Trump. As Benghazi Betty doubles down on Bernie Sanders, the classiest guy in the whole damn race, we take a look via vids after the jump that show why no one who lived in Arkansas [that I ever met] liked Slick Willy. Many of the people in the first video are sadly now dead or still in prison as payback.

The second video comes from a Christian who was and is at the heart of our present troubles in terms of what Benghazi was really all about and how those involved were. The second video report also shows you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Only Rand Paul comes out as showing a little spunk, so it is not surprising that he has been eliminated by demotion. To his credit, I am glad he didn't go to the kid's table. Folks from Kentucky are a different breed, I know. Neither of these vids are in the 10-15 minute range but they are both riveting and revealing.

Why the name 'Slick Willy' came into the lexicon.

How the Assange, Snowden, and ISIS pieces fit together. Don't cry, just know the truth, and be set free.

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