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Temecula, CA – Bill Cosby is 78 years old and regardless of what happens, personally I will not feel satisfied. Some people want to compare Bill Cosby to Bill Clinton. Clinton never drugged or took advantage, as in made a fool of the women he was with. Clinton's women knew what they were getting, whether a cigar or a slick willy or a well-paid government job.
A similar Bill comparison has be drawn when mentioning Allen, Polanski, Fogle, Collins, and even Duggar. To want sex with a comatose woman means you are one sick puppy, as Wanda Sykes would say in her best 'Back To The Barnyard' voice. You also have the length of time for the alleged assaults, ranging from a year after his marriage to Camille in the latter 60s, to the deposition assault in 2004. and these assaults were just the ones he drugged. Was this the only sex that he was getting outside of marriage?

Doctor Huxable's special bedtime Rx, “Take two pills, and a cab in the morning.”

So for me, whatever sentence, or fine, even if it gets that far, is not going to tip the scales of 'just desserts' for all the pain and suffering caused women who trusted someone in a moment of mis-placed judgment, and were drugged, in much the same fashion as a child molester takes unfair advance to get the desired selfish results. BTW, did you happen to notice the stunning picture of Serena Williams above? More after the jump...

I first came upon Bill Cosby back in the 60's through his initial comedy albums, like Why Is There Air? The humor was clean as opposed to Moms Mabley and, of course, Redd Foxx, pre-Sanford and Son. After the first few albums though, to me, he lost his spark. I heard some of his later stuff and it wasn't funny as far as I was concerned, plus albums were $3.98 and I still smoked cigarettes in those days so I wasn't going to buy his stuff just because he was black.

I Spy was a hot show with a cool opening and theme song that I would hum to myself sometimes when I was setting out to be a bad boy during my first marriage [sorry Sports Fans, but I wasn't a choirboy early in life]. After the first couple of years the same plot was rehashed over and over, plus the total entertainment shunning of Robert Culp through awarding Cosby an Emmy like he was the only star totally turned me off. But it was the picture below that said the great and wonderful Cos was a clown sellout for the 'white man' to make a fool of. That was it for me and Bill.

By the time The Cosby Show came on my life had gone down the path less traveled but many of my then living family were gushing over it, and pointing to how far the 'black man' had come. I remember one summer dropping by my uncle's, who was a doctor. His kids, my cousins, were all over it. That didn't surprise me since they copped an attitude if they didn't have a pair of $70 Chuck Taylors. I had Keds and one cousin there had a Barbie collection that Mr. Smithers would have blushed at.

Now don't get me wrong. I had a fantastic comic book collection and a very hip record collection [pp 15-19, Memoirs] but somehow my stuff didn't seem as extravagant to me. I was proud of her collection because my cuz had killed it, though. I never saw so many Barbies and she knew them all like puppies.

When they dragged me in to watch the show with them, I accepted cause they are my kin and I love them, then and now, but I said to myself, 'no wonder you like this show. You are the Cosby kids.' And my critique was that the show wasn't a real portrayal of the black upper middle-class, at least not beyond the safe confines of home and a black environment. It wasn't real America and then I didn't know shit, but I knew bullshit, probably because of the old saying. I'm happy to say it would seem that Life has roughened those smooth edges a bit.

Cosby is 78, but his being a hypocritical ass-wipe goes back almost two score. Though his stumbling walk was a feeble attempt at pity, no one is advocating giving The Rock or Seth Rogen 15 minutes alone with The Cos. However, the Cos is no pushover. He played football and no doubt dominated his family in that old school way [Black] men believed they were supposed to.

So my suggestion, since Bill Cosby took advantage of women, an obvious callback to his father leaving his mother to join the Navy, a behavior that Cosby would duplicate, is that since it was women who were wronged, a woman should be his 'punisher.' I nominate Serena Williams [after she has listened to the victims privately. Cosby could be held in a cell until the witness testimony is done].

In a small padded gym, Serena, her favorite brand of tennis racquet, Cosby constrained since his victims were incapacitated, with Serena getting 15 minutes of hitting practice on Dr. Heathcliff; that would be my idea of satisfaction.

Yeah, 15 minutes, Serena, her tennis racquet, and some I Spy justice for Pill Cosby. Camille, patch him up, that's your punishment.

(First of two special columns for the Martin Luther King, Jr [pp. 64, yep] National Holiday)

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