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Temecula, CA – There are several indications to tell the 'cut of a man or woman' nowadays, but how do you tell which politicians, like bad fruit, are spoiled?

You can't tell by Congressional Hearings.

You can't tell by debates, political speeches, or photo ops.

But sometimes opportunities open up for the average outsider to tell the insiders from the insidious. Presented here for your visual perusal are what Forbes has to say about those whom some assume represent US to the world, financially.

1. Donald Trump
$4.5 bil
Richest candidate by a long shot is the GOP front-runner.

2. Carly Fiorina
$58 mil
Former HP CEO has over 1,000 investments.

3. Hillary Clinton
$45 mil
Half of power couple; the Clintons earned $28 million in 2014.

4. Lincoln Chafee
$32 mil
Rhode Island royalty inherited fortune, first U.S. Senate term.

5. Ben Carson
$26 mil
Retired neurosurgeon sat on boards of Costco, Kellogg.

6. Jeb Bush
$22 mil
Fortune up nearly sixteenfold since leaving office in 2007.

7. George Pataki
$13 mil
Former N.Y. governor is lawyer; advises on energy, environment.

8. John Kasich
$10 mil+
Ohio governor worked at Lehman Bros.; hosted Fox show.

9. Mike Huckabee
$9 mil
Longtime radio host made millions on Fox, giving speeches .

10. Jim Gilmore
$7 mil
Former Virginia governor, AG has money in cash, stocks.

11. Jim Webb
$6 mil
Ex-senator from Virginia wrote script for Rules of Engagement.

12. Bobby Jindal
$5 mil
Louisiana governor makes about $130,000 a year.

13. Ted Cruz
$3.5 mil
Tea Partier practiced law; wife works at Goldman Sachs.

14. Chris Christie
$3 mil
Wife made the money on Wall Street while he ran N.J.

15. Rand Paul
$2 mil
Sold ophthalmology practice for $220,000; wrote four books.

16. Rick Santorum
$2 mil
Former senator collects rent on six properties near Penn State.

17. Lindsey Graham
$1 mil
South Carolina senator gets fortune from homes, salary.

18. Bernie Sanders
Vermont senator once worked as a carpenter and a filmmaker.

19. Marco Rubio
Florida senator has house, boat, kids’ college plans and lots of debt.

20. Martin O’Malley
Former Maryland governor took on debt to send kids to college.

(Story source - Agustino Fontevecchia; all emphasis, Ed) 

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