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Temecula, CA – They have called this the year of the outsider but what does that really mean? Simply put it means someone non-establishment. And the establishment talk of Donald Trump as if he is the very devil himself, but it is the establishment that seeks to short sheet us with the TPP. The MIC, NSA, and CIA are establishment. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush are establishment, so howz that working out for you and me?

The 'now I can die and go to Heaven in peace' look
Today the Calendar takes our look at the guy who is trumping the jokers in the Republican deck of political cards. Recently 'Max' from Memoirs [Chapters 9-19] called me and a BTW was 'Don't tell me that you are a Donald Trump fan?' There wasn't a 'So I Am' tone in her voice so I changed the subject to let her get the last word in, as in the past [page 136]. As an editor and journalist, I am anxious to see how all this plays out, given everything and everybody that's involved, including this time period in history.

Since it feels like being in the middle of a disco where you can't see the exits, the music is deafening, and the crowd is bopping in rhythm, you have to examine what you can see where you are to get your bearings. We do that with Donald Trump now, after the jump.

Even though The Don lost in Iowa by a slim margin to Ted Cruz, Trump has many fans like this there.

A Davenport, IA fan of The Donald
 And like Bernie Sanders,

R.I.P. Oliver Jack Lomas, 2-25-2016

Donald Trump also has the eye and ear of the youth.

He consistently places at the top of the pecking order whether in the debates or out,

Because he says things about the war, 


About vaccinations and autism instead of throwing benefits over it, 

About 911, about the TPP before Hillary flip-flopped, about the economy, by speaking like a citizen, as a typical citizen might experience them. Everyday People see the Trumpster, not a dumpster, regardless of Mitt's tax card thrown in the political game because everyone has given up on The Establishment.

Donald may be a little coarse not being a Washington lawyer or a Southern Born Again, but like Heath Barkley in The Big Valley, he takes no shit. He eats no shit. He talks no shit. And he gives no shit.

Some Republicans joke about not wanting to be seen with anything Donald Trumpish, but The Don takes it all in with humor.

And though Trump does attract many people who believe stereotypes say it all, he doesn't put up with offensive displays from shills sent in on their own or otherwise, BLM or KKK or Muslim.

This Rebel was removed as was the BLM and Muslim disruptive people at other rallies.
Elvis, on the other hand, was welcomed; one pompadour to another!

Meanwhile the choir

Has become more of a Jan and Dean sort of thing,

"Pssst Donald, Mitt sez fuck you, but I didn't tell you."

Because some others just didn't catch on, for whatever reason.

"Listen kid, it was a chair noise, I didn't fart. I don't care what you smell."

Just as there was a 'falling-away' across the grass-roots aisle.

People feel despite all his billions, Trump is just a cap-wearing SOB that made it without Wall Street,

And that scares the shit out of the political Establishment because The Don knows shit, bullshit, like most true Americans.

Meanwhile there are rumors of a Slick Willy tactic to beef up Hillary's Southern vote that's better than Rose-Colored promises.

And remember, call 202-224-3121 and tell them NO TPP! This message is supported by Donald Trump.

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