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Temecula, CA - “A coke-head, a cocksman, and a colored man all walk into a bar together. What do they contemplate?”

Two nights ago an old classmate said 'so long' to our FB friendship. While that act hurt, what really took my breath away was that my old classmate is the same age as myself. He has lived on the planet for as long as I have, and like me, didn't look the worse for wear when I last laid eyes on him and his wife. So how could he still be asleep to the current US reality, unless he chooses not to see where the bear shit in the buckwheat.

I wondered, did he not remember the joy people had of finding our own 'flying saucer' in 1947 that summer day, only to feel the collective letdown and confusion when 'it was just a weather balloon' was announced the next day? Did he not remember the Gary Powers-U2 Incident and ashamed Ike looked as he fluffed his way through being caught in this government's bald-faced lie? Did he believe the Warren Commission and the 'pristine bullet'? Did he not know that no Native American treaty was ever honored, a fact even The Simpsons made fun of? Did the Middle East unravel on its own and what brought down Building Seven? Who chem-trails? But you get me point. Just because I live here doesn't mean that I don't notice what's happening. I just don't have a solution because this ain't like 'breaking the dance floor' back in high school. However...

“When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's a fine time to remember your initial job was to drain the swamp.” - McLaughlin Body Co., Moline, Ill.

If it seems like all hell is breaking loose, well, it is. This is the Weekend Edition.
Hillary is working it in Vegas, Baby, but pissing off the state powers by walking all over their motto and reality of being diverse.

Hillary like JEB is pulling out all stops, well, family members, so 'never lonesome' Bill has gotten a hoarse throat from beating down Bernie stomping for votes in Florida. And Slick Willy is starting to be a Whacked-Out Willy.

Meanwhile, beyond the Geritol Hot Flash Crowd, logic, reason, and record are overcoming lemming-ism and gender-mandering in what was once a Clinton firewall.

Presidential contender Bernie Sanders is hitting the Chitin Circuit like Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts on tour.

At Morehouse, home to Alumnus like Samuel L. Jackson, a step-dance Busby Berkeley style presentation sans the pool and swimsuits, greeted Senator Sanders along with a packed house of blacks and whites.

Rap artist Killer Mike warmed up the crowd.

It was a packed house also in Charleston.

Across town, the Republicans continued to plot against the front runner, Donald Trump, while jostling each other around like a football squad pulling a train.

Ted Cruz is facing court challenges over his birther issues in 3 states, vastly hypocritical for a 'born-again christian tea party' lawyer, and clearly he knows that is an issue which isn't going away.

Marco Rubio is trying to catch fire but his past record of over-extension and lack of regard for responsibility, aka 'too young' are being tacked to his platform. The records of admonishments are there as proof.

Dr. Carson couldn't catch a cold; great for a doctor, bad for a candidate. A cold would elicit pity.

Jeb Bush, JEB, oh Jebby, Jeb-Jeb,

Of course if Jeb took himself out of the race, there would be no autopsy, just at peace in clean sheets.

John K. is the straight man in this bunch of clowns. Can he gather any more steam in the South? But so far this is a 3 dog race, Sanders, Trump, and Clinton; or the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And The Don, he and a slew of citizens all feel the same way about the politics we see, plain as day.

“A coke-head, a cocksman, and a colored man all walk into a bar together. What do they contemplate?”

Capitalism by copulation.

Call 202-224-3121 and tell your rep 'NO' on TPP or he's primary toast, in a nice way. Do it every time you see this mention. Thank you, Your Future.

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