Friday, February 26, 2016



Temecual, CA – Well it didn't take long for Obama's Nevada pulling a Justice out of the hat for Hillary trick to disappear revealing exactly what it was – a ploy to swing the state toward Hillary for a very slim upset, like California's Prop 37 loss. But I, like God, happen to know Psalms 37 so we will see how it all plays out.

Jane and Bernie Sanders
Bernie and his wife strike a handsome well-suited, down-to-earth, happy with each other couple. They resemble the way of life that used to be between the sexes. They look stable and middle class, not elected royalty. Bernie and his wife look 'we' not 'I' as Hillary has changed her message of late, in her 'say what the people want to hear' mode.

Since some many 'wheat folks' are bowing to the air from the Trumpet, what's left is slim pick'ins, Yaw.

 But down South, white Democrats know where the majority of white voters went. Back in the day it was away from blacks,

Now they are drawn to other siren call because 11AM Sunday is still the most segregated time in the South. 

My old Louisville, KY Protestant Church
So Bernie is reaching out to blacks who had never heard of him 8 weeks ago. In Chicago,

Because they all have relatives who live down below the Mason-Dixon Line. Some may even go to Morehouse.

He's picked up big endorsements,

And with Spike Lee's ad, Al Sharpton's comments, and Killer Mike, more blacks are dissing the okie-doak from Hillary,

And waiting on the Bernie Bus,

Because, well because...

"I want you because we can't have a political revolution without U!"
And remember, call 202-224-3121 and tell them NO TPP! Even Hillary has walked back from the smell.

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