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Temecula, CA – The tide of the angry American voter was felt Tuesday night as I traveled back fresh from Orange County's Monday Mother's Market meeting concerning the coming protest toward the TPP on President's Day. The first Presidential Primary happened in New Hampshire and allegorically someone must have said, “Bring the torches! We've a witch to Bern!”

That's right Sports Fans, in a sound but deserved paddling, voter turnout showed Hillary and her Hell-spouting harpies the exit ramp from Granite State. Now it seems that the special place in hell reserved for female Bernie supporters is the entryway for the Up Escalator to Paradise. The results: Bernie beat Hillary and Bill 60% to 38%, handing her the most resounding defeat of her long political career. Exit polls showed 'trustworthiness' a major issue even among other women. Similar results were found in a random sampling done by the staff here.

The night's other major winner was The Don. Now the Republicans are really starting to sweat, well the MIC Establishment types anyway. More on the winners and a look at the looooosers, after the jump.

Donald Trump predicted a massive win after coming in second in Iowa, and he got it in New Hampshire. No doubt Trump learned the hard way that you can call Iowans pig farmers, you just can't call them dumb pig farmers because Iowans don't drop turkeys from airplanes like they still do in Arkansas. Bet you thought WKRP In Cincinnati was all fiction, didn't you?

The Trumpster flew into various towns and held raucous rallies, delivering a simple message that tapped into what everyday people are seeing; establishment politics suck. The voters responded by delivering on Trump's promise.

Bernie Sanders, too, felt the love Bern at the polls, later delivering a victory speech as Hillary fired off emails for her staff to double-down in its efforts to regain momentum by winning in South Carolina.

Ted Cruz, the Iowa Caucus winner, suffered voter falloff as was predicted for the Texas Senator. Marco Rubio became Marco Robo after fatboy Chris Christie body-slammed him during the last debate. That program glitch caused the young establishment bot not to be the droid the Party was looking for. Tough break, Kid. Back to work.

The surprise of the night was candidate John Kasich who got 16 percent! This whopping increase put the Ohio Gov in second place beating out a fast fading field of flame-outs and fare-thee-wells. The big question is, will John Kasich be a one-state pony or did he get a ticket to ride?

Chief among the losers was Carly Fiorina, presented here with the Daily Show bio because it's so damn funny. She once tried to insinuate that marijuana killed her drug-addled daughter, when it was clearly an acute case of Affluenza. We are sorry for her loss because that has to hurt any parent.

Chris Christie, another harshly anti-medical marijuana critic, is leaving the race, announcing that he would not be flying down to South Carolina, though he didn't make a formal declaration as yet.

And then there's old deep pockets, dim bulb Bush, also known as low energy, a dog-whistle term for dullard. Bush, like Hillary, is battling a past history albeit of a different nature. The picture below reflects the reality of Jeb's campaign, but he's pledged to grind on, begging for applause while gaining ridicule.

Perhaps the biggest pinata pop was Doctor Quack, Ben Carson, who offered up prayers to his religion's deities, though his sect is officially listed as a cult since it lays claim to no relics whatsoever.

Only to craft a scheme to sell car wipes through 99 Cents Store outlets as a campaign finance recoup.

So what was it that propelled both Bernie and Donald into victories with such margins?

One reason was voter turnout, which was huge as against the Caucus numbers. Another reason was actually appealing to the shared interests of the general public. Bernie drives a POS for a Congressman and leads a simple public servant type life. His message is the same but he added 'No to TPP' as soon as the knowledge of its contents became known to people like myself, people involved in reporting on politics.

Donald Trump says what's on his mind and often his visual take on something forms his opinion. That is the exact opinion as a lot of people who are the non-establishment anti-globalization types, unlike a Hillary Clinton or Madeleine Albright. Trump has expressed his distaste for the TPP in the last debate, the only candidate onstage to bring up the issue, and spreading his opposition to vaccinations over his tweeter feed.

Both of these issues are very hot-button to many American citizens, regardless of party.

The plot thickens...

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