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Temecula, CA – Looking back at Saturday's South Carolina's Cat Fights, the dust is settling as bits of orange fur float to the ground. Slinking back to Texas for some homemade consolation chili is ex-Gov Jeb Bush, the man who was the link to giving US his brother George, the man who sucker-punched US with Barack. RIP Scalia, your betrayal wasn't as brutal as Julius Caesar's. In fact, it's hardly being talked about by casually dressed Federal employees.

Someone once said, “If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to.”
The political season is its own economic stimulus and Jed is traveling back to Texas, messed with, and $116,000,000 lighter wearing the Eli Manning face. Jebbo should have listened to mommy who predicted that people had had enough of the Bushes. $116,000,000, staying at the best hotels, eating high on the hog, traveling in style, and politicizing to simple older white bread voters. Poor Jeb never got the memo, he is what the country is sick of. It's not personal, it's a class struggle. After the jump we take a look at Jeb's brightest moments, in the headlights, plus other stuff.

Other stuff meaning, was it just me or did that cold chill down the spine mean Romney is grooming himself to be Rubio's mentor as the back door way to Chief Exec through becoming Vice President?

JEB rolled out like the water-boy being given a chance to run a play, promptly yelling, “Gimme three, Coach.”

Starting as the front-runner, Jeb hit the ground wondering. It's said, 'in Life that there are 3 kinds of People; people in the Parade, people watching the Parade, and people asking, 'What Parade?" Jeb always seemed to be reading about the Parade, earning him the schoolyard taunt 'low energy', a 'dog whistle' political term for 'slooooow'.

Bush appeared dazed and diffused.

And his signage featuring the Spanish touch was lost on Anglos.

Now Jed rides off into the sunset – punch-drunk.

To be forever stuck in the shadows, a pond between two lakes. Don't worry, Jeb, they're clapping now.

Ted Cruz, who seems to visit every truck stop lunch counter where herds of Evangelicals might graze,

Actually has a sleazy underside that works through his cut-throat campaign manager, an anti-Semite who is alleged to have driven a Jewish candidate to suicide, and his negative attack ads. For some Christians, there are those who like his message.

Marco seems to have found his Polo, or rather Polo found him.

Mitt Romney has been circling in the political waters like a Great White. Oh wait, he is. Being an eugenics believer and the ONLY venture capitalist consultant Monsanto ever used, Romney is Monsanto's Sheev Palpatine to Rubio's young Anakin.

But the gorilla in the room refuses to budge. Only Bill O'Reilly seems to have figured it out, well, besides the rest of us. So far Donald Trump is saying all the right things, not the PC correct things. He's talking about vaccinations and autism because like me, he has talked to the mothers, and couples, instead of attending benefits that keep the 'industry' going in its sick way. He doesn't like the TPP [call 202-224-3121 now and say 'NO TPP' to your rep; too much is never enough], thinks the Scalia death should be investigated, and has an 'A' list of famous support.

When you're signing chests, you're Elvis, Rudolf Valentino, or 'The Man' to a lot of voters.

And The Don has a nice looking family too. They look reality-show Presidential.

They would fit right in to this group, though 'new money' is always frowned on, unless it's connected.

This is the effective Republican Presidential candidate race now,

Donald Trump sports a Ferris Bueller smirk after big win in South Carolina even among Evangelicals

 Though some are still praying for a miracle instead of brains.

 Meanwhile on the other side of town...

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