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Temecula, CA – This report we look at the skull 'n' bones of why we Americans are here, the relevance of Hillary's emails, the end game, and the reason for the turmoil you see going on as the world gets crazier by the day. Let's start with the simplest to explain, the reason for all this.

That question can be answered with just one word – control. While the elite want control of resources, the church wants control of your soul, the boss wants control of your time, and the 'other person' be it a pet or a person in your life, wants more control over the amount of time spent together. The deeper look reveals this control is based on the concept of ownership. The bond of ownership is solidified through money or 'paying the costs to be the boss' as the Blues term goes.

The god of money is named mammon, a name that appears only four times in the Bible but is the image that both Nebuchadnezzar and Obama saw 'in their dreams' as reported in the Bible and Dreams of My Father, respectively. The bull of Wall Street and the currency motto 'In God We Trust' are both dedications to this god of commerce, mammon. This is the god and principle addressed in Chapter 20, Memoirs, and is the basis for a political measure used successfully by Martin Luther King but never heralded; the principle of the economic boycott and how it affects globalization.

Globalization isn't of American origin but the concept couldn't exist without America, the America of Wall Street and the Federal Government who provides their collateral. The cancerous concept begin as a mole on New York known as the United Nations with the American Taxpayer footing the bill as the government forced the issue over the people's will in the 50s. I remember the grownups dissing it then.

It must be pointed out here that 'globalization' is not a dirty word to many just as GMO and marijuana prohibition aren't dirty words to millions of people in this country even now. In fact, globalization is peppered in the same sentences often because that line of reasoning is pushed by the same group, the 'establishment' or I should say, the present establishment. I'm hard-pressed to think that even Nixon would have ever sold out the country like the Bilderburg-backed Obama, Clinton, and the rest.

The establishment trades in energy, thanks to Edison's victory over Tesla and Prohibition's suppression of alcohol run car engines, disguised as the moral issue still believed today. That energy is traded in petrol-dollars or US currency as the prime reserve currency. To maintain this false hedge, since the country was taken off the gold standard and trillions has been stolen through corruption just in the 00s, the Federal Reserve can brook no competition in the currency department from any other country.

Further the email releases of Hillary Clinton are revealing her role in the arms movement that was disrupted in Benghazi and all the backdoor conflict of interest racketeering done by the Clinton Foundation to peddle power and influence enemies.

The TPP is a partnership of nations aligned against China in this giant real world game of monopoly.
While globalization may seem efficient on the drawing board, with humans the rule is 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'. This fact does not stop the likes of this country and its world owners who set policy from advancing the cause of globalization. An offshoot of this fight is the label GMO MOMS Across America and FlushTheTPP growing activist movements.

These movements gained momentum from the Occupy awakening which was a nexus for various points of contention arising from globalization including but not limited to false flag operations, economic hit-men, perpetual war, domestic budget cuts, chem trails and outsourcing. This globalization is being accomplished through treaties which bind groups of common-interest countries together, like a giant game of Monopoly.

As the country watches the Iowa Primary, it's back to the trenches for me as we gear up for our next education confrontation against the establishment. Keep it here for the truth and the latest.

Ciao, for now.

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