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Temecula, CA – As the Republicans blow town the Democrats move in to stump for votes. Hilliary is beaming from her narrow squeak win in Nevada [oppsy, was that a typo or a Feudian Slip?]. Though the win didn't surprise me nor did the 'talking head' black supporters [handkerchief heads, sorry, renown handkerchief heads]. Given the place in human Biblical history, the stakes involved, and being on our last pope, well, this isn't your usual rodeo. Everyone has a back story.

Hillary Clinton's back story is infamous to everyone except those who believe in her. The people who believe in her are those like her, for like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is a winner, in terms of the world.

But winners to some aren't winners to all and a surprising number of women, older women who are more establishment don't get a warm and fuzzy from the woman who would be king. After the jump we look at this candidate in our usual fashion, visually.
Mrs. Clinton is a master politician, a blur to every group she hastens to bewitch; always at the scene of the crime but never a finger on the trigger.

Her political shape-shifting has been drawn upon for cartooning, and rightly so.

Her resume, national record of scandals, and ID all started during Bill's first term as the first 'black' President, a precursor of things to come.

From the start Clinton and Sanders started in two extreme ideological political camps.

Hillary became the darling Rose for Monsanto.

Bernie Sanders' State fights Monsanto.

And there are other differences or nuances.

And then there's the other 'B' in Hillary's life that's a headache at times,

Right now in America, the 3 women most despised are Dottie Sandusky, Camille Cosby, and

Predicted at first to be a shoe-in like Jeb, both Iowa and New Hampshire showed Hillary what was up.

So Hillary played the 'V' card in Vegas. Faced with a surging Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s campaign just worked groups such as EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood to find and marshal potential voters in Nevada.  And it worked. Plus she dangled her Latino possible VP choice to enchant older Hispanics. And she keeps her main toady in place.

But being establishment and inside so long, even Old White Joe made fun of the Washington hag.

Meanwhile this is Hillary's dream candidate race.

Luckily the enemy of my enemy is someone who also sees in a non-PC way.

And remember, call 202-224-3121 and tell them NO TPP; Hillary, Bernie, and The Don would want you too. The rest are part of the joke or clueless.

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