Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Temecula, CA – We live at an historic time today. It is a day forecast by the Bible and Nostradamus. It is a day when the world is being taken over in a corporate coup. It is a day when this country's people are being demoted to third world UN standards. It is a day when Americans are being Internationalized. And it is a day when more people know who won the Super Bowl than the treason at 1600 Penn Ave. More people but not ALL people.

Two days ago a protest took place in the desert. In Part 1 of this report we looked at the ideas behind that hot desert event, this time we look at the people, the International Press that was there, and the patriotism of people protesting a President over no racial element, only the reality of a policy carried down since Nixon was VP; that is America supporting their bad guy, aka dictator, for profitability while touting human rights abuses.

Patriotism, represented through flags and second only to clothes, shown everywhere proudly and passionately.
Flags were everywhere.

 Flags, flags, flags...

Big flags,

And flags to welcome International Press and Dignitaries.

Lots of Press and dignitaries, all International, save for two,

Including social media

Recorded by the people, for the people...

People who chanted 'Hey hey ho ho, TPP has got to go!' as one of the five chants on the flyer handout.

People helping one another...

Whole families of people braving the sun and the heat of the desert...

Whether coming to America,

Or down from LA,

To join up with my usual suspects...

Repping the American side of Good Policy...

Which is even in tune with,

All because of a shared Dream, a Promised dream.

All photos herein, Temecula Calendar/PTRothschild credit 2016

To be continued...

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