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Temecula, CA – There is no doubt that the momentum of Bernie Sanders is swelling, even Spike Lee has chimed in to help sway forward-thinking black people while Shillary courts the Stepin Fetchits of the Old South for the Establishment. South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn plans to endorse Hillary Clinton, originally intending to remain neutral.

“That was certainly my intention,” Clyburn recently told the Washington Post of his intention to remain neutral. “But I am re-evaluating that. I really am having serious conversations with my family members.”

On last Thursday, he reiterated that he would endorse in an interview with WBUR in South Carolina, saying, “Because family and friends have begun to say to me that my constituents deserve to know where I stand, and so I’ve decided that my wife knows best and so I am going to let people know where I stand.” He added in WBUR interview. “Bernie is really energizing young voters, and we need them.

Less than week later sop-up Clyburn changed his story faster than if he had a wife named Florida. This time around, Clyburn’s only tough decision was whether to go public with his endorsement for Clinton before the primary, he said on Tuesday.

“The debate I was having was between my head and my heart. My head was staying neutral, and my heart was always with Hillary Clinton, so that’s who I was gong to vote for from day one,” he said. “I just decided to make it public.”

“[Sanders] never asked me for an endorsement, and I never considered it,” Clyburn said.

Well, Senator Clyburn, maybe there's a reason he didn't seek your endorsement. He was in Chicago and you weren't. BTW, your wife is calling yooooooou.

The Establishment holds the power and the People have to get as much as they can. Is is the government that are public servants, not the other way around. And not since the days of Nixon has there been such a parade of dirty tricks, rub-outs, and favors dealt. Take Hillary's Nevada Caucus win, the one the mainstream Establishment media is gloating over.

On the surface, a Hillary Nevada win was a neck and neck call. And she did just barely beat out Bernie, so how did she pull off the squeaker? The great lessons on the Establishment came during the 60s-70s. My involvement with Indy politics against Nixon's Re-Election came a year after I moved there. Since my part wasn't as an activist but more as a sub-contractor, I could study the process that runs America and see why when the public says 'go left' Congress and the Prez decide something different. It was Political Science OJT and it was my first rodeo.

Politics works in levels. On these levels are various players all motivated by ego, power, and sometimes by a sense of justice. The political environment is the machine. So you have a round plastic ball with various pegs and bumpers that can only move you to the next level through smooze or finesse or bullshit. Or power. However, since politics operates as a machine, there is no coincidence. There is always a plan working like a chess game strategy working to an end result. In the case the end result is the overthrow of the nation by the Establishment for corporate rule.

Corporate rule or fascism through the TPP is the goal but the trap is to analyze political moves rather than look at the end result and try to anticipate the next move coming. The TPP's global police force was part of the Paris Climate Talks and vetoed by Scalia when he was still around on the Supreme Court. Now that he is 'gone' a replacement who is onboard with the TPP and all its boondoggles seems the natural order.

Politics is not a game for the stupid though there are a surprising number of stupid people in the game who are blinded by their own light; Mitt Romney trying to chow down on someone about their tax returns is a prime example. Hypocrisy thy name is blockhead much like another Life of Riley person on TV in the 50s.

Barack Obama knows how to play the game and be the play maker, like a Kobe, except be a player maker. Working in tandem to make Hillary the Queen against ever mounting email backlash and whiplash, Obama picked the governor from a state that caucused for his choice of Scalia replacement in return for the Hillary win.

Smooth move, Pennzoil. I love watching The Bribed and The Bold.

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