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Temecula, CA – Under a sky with no chem trails, cool breezes and a blazing sun, our commander-in-chief sat in air-conditioned comfort and perhaps with a private bucket of Roscoe's Chicken, just yards away entertaining Pacific Rim's brutal Asian dictators in a first-ever hosting event. I, on the other hand, was being photo-snapped, sitting with this group of ASEAN protesters wearing an LAOS Overseas TV t-shirt. The picture story of how I came to be involved with this ASEAN group when I originally trucked down to Protest Obama & the TPP after the jump.

First however, it is important to know that Obama's Fast Track and TPP are part of the UN's take over of the world. This act is patterned after the Declaration of Independence treaty that eliminated individual sovereignty for group unity. The TPP, TTIP, and TISA, all unite the [corrupt] establishment leaders of various countries as subordinates to corporations who pay-well-for-play. A win-win, except for the people, the planet, and our progeny.

Since there was a media blackout, well duh, this reporter went there expecting a few dozen protesters like had been present at events in the past. This was indeed the case as some of the usual suspects were there holding up the tried and true, but Obama's treachery and the UN's long term plan were noticed by many of the older Asian people I talked to. Follow me in pictures as we see why the crowds will be there for the second day [today] as ASEAN protesters step forward to shout “Treason” and “Don't Deal With Brutal Dictators, Please” concerning the subject spoken of by both Trump and The Bern, the TPP.
First there was a media blackout but ballsy KTLA 5 showed up when even Telemundo didn't. However this footage news was later pulled from the main station menu but was sent by a mole.

Meanwhile the area where various Asian countries had gathered started on a cross street and rocked it.

Moving on down the line...

The crowd became more varied as there seemed to be thousands, a couple anyway, though KTLA knocked that tally down a decimal point.

People from past protest events representing not-so-grass-roots organizations came to protest Barry.

And there was the occasional American thrown in as there always is,

This mostly ASEAN side of the street had a similar type of protester much like the American TPP side.

There were people there to show just what tyrants are part of the TPP Obama is entertaining.

Some wore messages on their shirts. If they were there, then their message meant something relevant.

Others carried signs expressing outrage over this arrogant treason evil in plain sight.

The sign where I sat with my new friends after donating for a 'souvenir' Overseas TV shirt,

And the one sign that summed up the day's situation in calling a spade a spade.

The No TPP protest continues and the message resonates on today as more ASEAN protestors arrive in Rancho Mirage along Bob Hope Dr. See Part 2, The People, The Press, and The Patriotism, coming here soon.

(All photos - Temecula Calendar, PT Rothschild credits)

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