Monday, February 15, 2016



Temecula, CA – Most people on the planet were shaken emotionally by 911 like we all were by the Kennedy Assassination. Then as the shook and sadness wound down many were again traumatized by the allegations of an 'inside job'. The sense of betrayal is salted when you realize that it is your money and hard work that enables this malfeasance to take place. The enormously complex reality when you really see the world for its evil to too much to explain. Like salvation, it must be reached in solitary deduction, otherwise how could anyone convince you that 99% of everything you learned is bullshit.

And that is where we, some of us, are today; at different places along the road to salvation. Except this road is the road to realization, or in Christian terms, 'awareness'; in Buddha terms, 'enlightenment'. In the coming battle against the TPP and globalization, people in the various protest groups are coming, finally, to the realization that they are indeed battling against something evil. That is always rule number 1. Know your enemy.

Enlightenment comes next and with that the extent of the structure of evil. After the jump we will see Donald Trump answer a question and express the sentiment held by the majority of people outside the government. Watch the moderator, a Washington old time insider, as he tries to assert his establishment opinion on Donald [around the ten minute mark] much like that police union person tried to assert that Freddie Gray was unharmed before entering that Baltimore police van. Evil will stand there and tell you black is white. Duh, it's evil. That's it's nature.

And now the reason why Trump has so many in his fan base. He speaks of life seen outside of government as a real person.

It is important to remember that while everyone isn't evil, evil isn't lonely. And evil works off logic and emotion. The logic of eugenics plays into the evil stoking the Terror on People and Planet in the guise of being beneficial. It's the old smallpox infested blanket deal all over again, but this time for the world.

This Monday a group of citizens, all coming from different cause backgrounds, will unite by social media and use our Amendment Right to peacefully gather shout to God above how this country has been subverted from the original [intended or not] Manifest Destiny of Liberty and Justice for all.

This Monday a group of citizens, all coming from different cause backgrounds, will unite to fight our Resident Evil, the Specter who owns the Government and is causing the ZIKA effects through spraying

For those who read this report, give us your blessings, please. 

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