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Temecula, CA – Truly it can be said that this election season can harken back the Nixon 1972 Re-election days in intensity but just like with cable TV, the choice of political entertainment has become more varied, in all aspects. Now the flotsam and dead weight has been jettisoned, the politics moves down to South Carolina. It's cat fights every can for the Sinister Six [tonight] plus Two.

Donald Trump is again crushing the polls on the Republican side and the establishment types who seem tenured in the system are musing different plans to try to derail the Don. The old-line politicians see the voting reality much the same as the man about to board the elevator in the cartoon. They can't believe voters don't phantom what they're about to do, especially the ones who can't stand real language beyond the N word.

Meanwhile Canadian Cruz is getting clubbed for his hypocrisy at being a Constitutional lawyer and not know what 'native born' means or what that constitutes outside the natural borders. And the latest is his [advisers] hiring of an actress who also had some 'soft porn' in her acting credits. Cruz could have been a real Christian and done the 'let the first man' thing to stand by the actress choice, but a true hypocrite always folds. Cruz didn't disappoint those of us who watch for these things.

Trump warned Cruz that he would bridge no negative ads or else he was going to come eat Ted's lunch.

The rest of the pack are tussling for third in a feeding frenzy for best-fit Republican leftovers.

Across the aisle the smell of fear has been reported coming from the Clinton Camp as she, Bill, and Hillary, Jr come out as the evil Marvel family [Fawcett, not Stan Lee] battling as if Bernie's last name was Sivana, not Sanders. Still the differences between Hillary and Bernie are easy to see if you look.

While Hillary claimed victory in the last debate, a do-or-die effort reminiscent of Barry's second debate with Mittens, Bernie rose nationally because of growing momentum and a swelling base through media recognition. Less people are saying Bernie is un-electable because more people are listening to and seeing the class of Bernie. Even older Republicans are starting to get a Bromance Bern. Leave it to the Huffington Post to play the Jew card with a story posted there on the 12th. I won't dignify it with a link, but this race is getting nasty and the mainstream news says South Carolina is just the place for it. I wouldn't know.

What I do know is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP, is getting more mainstream attention with this article from none other than CBS.

"It's a parallel legal system for foreign corporations," Public Citizen research director Ben Beachy told CBS MoneyWatch. "It would empower foreign corporations to bypass domestic courts and directly sue the U.S. government before a tribunal of private lawyers that sit outside any legal system."

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, recently called the system "rigged pseudo-courts" that favor business interests. The tribunals tend to be run by a handful of highly paid attorneys, with the awards to corporations -- and the number of cases -- surging dramatically in recent years, a 2012 study from Corporate Europe Observatory found. 

The number of investment arbitration cases are on the rise. In 1996, there were 38 cases registered with the ICSID, the World Bank group that oversees such cases. By 2011, there were 450 known investor-state cases, according to Corporate Europe.

So who oversees the tribunals? A mostly small group of lawyers and arbitrators who tend to rotate between arbitration panels and who also are called on as witnesses in other cases. Just 15 arbitrators have decided 55 percent of all known investor-treaty cases, Corporate Europe noted. The attorneys can charge up to $1,000 per hour, with the legal and arbitration costs for each case averaging more than $8 million, its report found.

Meanwhile back at the ranch two more Nibiru System planets whizzed by us in the early morning sky.

Look directly at 9 O'clock from light post just above roof line.

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