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Temecula, CA – This is a short photo story featuring pictures of those who have now officially been parsed and the clingers, all from the political onion thrown at the public to distract them from the truth over the TPP, TTIP, and TISA. As we look through these public shots taken of those who were and are running at on time for the 2016 nomination, ask yourself, 'Why would anyone spend $116,000,000 to obtain a job that, at best, would net on the books over 8 years under $5M, if you saved every penny?'

The answer at the end of this story.
To start, Hillary's female troubles aren't unique. Other women know the women not to trust.

Did Jeb's Super Pac pay for his Arthur Murray waltz lessons? That's a low energy dance, Jebbo.

Bush used his cosplay talents to entertain. Cosplay? What's that you say?

Bush funny faces came next but the people who laughed weren't voting age. An oversight in the perfect plan.

Bush begged for applause and pleaded for attention,

Buying new boots from a place several suburbs away from Payless,

Even trotting out his more popular mother to New Hampshire in the winter. [What A Mom!!]

Low energy Jeb smiles dolefully as he stands in front of a Ted Cruz logo brand layout. Smiles use energy.

All the while Jeb never noticed that half his exclamation of emotion had disappeared, and from folks too.

Until finally like a mad dog,

"Bitch, whad'da ya mean, my ace was TRUMPED? Don't mention his name, ever!"
The Don had to put him down like Ol' Yellow, with a truth question and answer about 'Bush's War'

boooom, as Cruz thinks that bullet didn't have my name on it, another one bites the dust.
But enough about the richest temporary stimulus to the economy. What about some of the others?

Some thought it was the Ted Mack Hour, I mean American Idol, or The Voice

Maybe a Kumbaya moment,

Some pondered, "What the hell was I thinking? These people are imbeciles."

The ones left are a strange crew. They all go to Flo's Diner,

Only Dr. Carson goes there to eat,

Always seeming aloof, outside your sphere of comfort unless selling a book.

Ted Cruz is also selling book copies along the way,

But looking like a live-action Chester Gould character doesn't help his step-uncle persona.

And his 'Bill Cosby' attack mode over his ethics and birther issues seem more heathen than genteel,

For a man who professes to talk and listen to God; maybe it's the same God the Muslims talk to.

Meanwhile Rubio peeks from the wings for any opening or advantage,

Refusing to think of the glass as half-empty. Is not attacking Trump a good idea?

The Georgia Guidestones, c. 1980 -

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