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Temecula, CA – Returning from the World Protest Day against the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership, yes, Sports Fans, 'hip to the dip' Americans aren't the only citizens up in arms about an out-of-control, seized-up government, cough Australia. People all over the world are outraged and one man is trying to rope all this anger together. That man is my friend, John Diaz.

But this report isn't about John, except for the lead-in picture, which is an inside joke between us two. Photos on subject matter more at hand start after the jump.

All jokes aside, though. With the signing of the TPP done by someone other than Obama, a back door could be left open for plausible deniability. The skillful move of being in-country with basketball players hooping it up while the treasonous act is carried out by proxy is worthy of Caesar, or Nixon. Old Tricky Dick. Now we have Tricky Dick Jr.

This really is it folks, though many readers may not be aware of just how dire the Straits of TPP are. The situation observation is divided into three future avenues; total anarchy or total control, population depleted or subdued; Jefferson's Redress of the Government; and third, good people rising up and throwing off the yoke, evil relenting aka known as the Rose-Colored Glasses Syndrome.

German protesters react 10-10-15 for the same reasons against their treaty version of the TPP also done in secret

As one of the leaders said in LA. “We must be prepared to think about radical actions should we fail at this attempt to derail the TPP. Our elected government is bought and bossed.”

A flying penis is thrown at New Zealand trade treaty announcement by woman protester on Feb 4

Here are the Top Ten reasons why the TPP was denounced in such terms [brought to you by Katja, the woman to my left in this picture.

  1. The TPP will ban all 'Buy American' and 'Buy Local' product promotions.
  2. The TPP will up the price of Medical Prescriptions and limit generic drug availablity.
  3. The TPP will gut Internet Freedom through ISP required surveillance.
  4. The TPP will allow Unlimited Fracking based on Corporate Rule.
  5. The TPP will export jobs and open more new market competition for small business America.
  6. The TPP degrades USDA food standards* below current to Third World levels via CODEX.
  7. The TPP gives extreme financial power to bankers through more De-regulation.
  8. The TPP removes National Sovereignty from the country and the citizens, makes US UN.
  9. The TPP was moved through on the Constitutionally questionable Fast Track method.
  10. The TPP has been moved along from start to finish in secret with only corporate input.

And number 11, courtesy of the Temecula Calendar,

11. The TPP has been denounced as 'Treason' - by Sanders and 'Not what I thought' – HR Clinton

Here is the full text via New Zealand. Thanks Barry.

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