Monday, February 29, 2016



Temecula, CA – Happy Leap Day! On the second to last Leap Day last Century, I rolled out to Southern California, 'kicked in Paradise' is how I tell it in Chapter 19 of Memoirs. This Leap Day comes just prior to a Super Tuesday and Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, knows how to treat Colored People being from Arkansas to win. To Hillary, BLM especially at the ballot box, hmmmm.

So far, we have taken a close look at Bernie, the Jokers and the Trump in this year's political deck, now we look at a real winner. Remember, Satan is a winner as is Darth Vader, or they wouldn't be in the pivot-able positions that they are. If it weren't for the Bible and George Lukas, we wouldn't know either had lost by the end of the story. As the Clintons fan out to pan out all the grits for brains in the southern states, since we know where all the shit for brains people went, let's take our usual Calendar look at the baddest bitch in the bunch. She's a woman not afraid to cunt punt, ball bust, sucker punch, or git down with anyone, but Hillary still keeps her distance from her hoi paloi, while standing at the latest ambulance scene trying to blend in busking for votes.

Hillary is a master debater, politician, and Wall Street/CIA asset. a read of her Wikipedia bio shows she's no dummy on a fool's errant, unlike some of her Republican competition, a contentious lot at best. After the jump we look at the woman who is someone's grandmother, but she ain't my abuela. Check both the date and ingredients before you accept her GMO Kwanzaa bread to sop-up that grease she's laying down.

Hillary has a long history of black representation showing where her true feelings lay.

But the 'black' Hillary courts are not 'lives' but...

Hillary's outlook on children,

Is reflected in her family size. The connections are already sown in for her kin, not yours, grits for brains.

Hillary's friends are legendary,

Other friends are infamous, at least in some circles,

 Including the one that hand-picked the ringer to TPP U.S. right after old Dubya broke US down. 

"Thanks for Benghazi, baby"

And Hillary knows her Monsanto munching audience, but not just by their skin color.

Because they are the female version of Obama's Monsanto munchers.

And we know now all about Barry, don't we?

Let's take a fact check look at how Shillary stands on the issues as she says, "Who am I this time?"

Plus she can stop on a dime then do a 180 for a quarter.

But not everyone has grits for brains in the South, so Arkansas hogwash doesn't swill down as before.


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