Monday, March 21, 2016

16:23 SKIDOO


Temecula, CA – When people say some 'breaking news' needs to be verified, that is a true statement. Given the type of breaking stories we report here, the Calendar always seeks confirmation and collaboration, especially on pictures taken with our penchant for having Jimmy Olsen 'at the right place' photo luck.

With the latest story breaking at the Top 7 being about Nibiru, we recently contacted another Olson, this time Steve, who is an amateur astronomer and has been keeping track of such things as a hub in these interests. Turns out, there is a lot of interest.

Taken January 25 around 7AM, enlarge to see two light orbs just above roof tops at 9o'clock from light pole

We sent a query to Steve and several pictures including the lead-in for the 'Nibiru Spotted Over Murrieta' report. In a short amount of time we got a reply back concerning one of the pictures sent. There hasn't been a confirmation or debunking on the photos yet but location coordinates were sent for reference to sightings. And …. after the jump.

Today on Steve's YouTube channel, WSO, the video report at 16:23 features the same picture as the story's lead-in shot.

Folks, it's important to remember that the news you see on commercial mainstream avenues is what The Simpsons call 'infotainment'. Donald Trump? Infotainment! News you could use like Bernie Sanders' speech or Bill Clinton's flagrantly breaking election laws is ignored, while infotainment detracts you away from looking out a window or away from your iPhone. Why, because you might see this!

This is Not the moon, lower center right

Upper right toward corner

Almost dead center - series of 3 pictures all taken shortly after 7AM March 2, 2016

Control starts with control of your attention. Ever hear of hypnotism?

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