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Temecula, CA – With attention turned to the East Coast with all the political crowing, crooning, and crying, it's easy to miss the latest Kansas City Shuffle. Here with Hillary Clinton, we see a variation of David Martin's Techniques for Truth Suppression, #16, use your own stooges. This time the Hillary stooge [by proxy because that's how it works, Obama just likes the personal touch] is a local Democrat that's big in the pot culture regionally. That name after the jump.

So how is this Hillary scam happening, how does it work, and who do we smoke a bowl to for this reveal? That last part I will answer first because like Lois Lane, you have to know people and be known by people. The person who lit up this cannabis scam reveal is none other than the 420nurses' January 2014 NEWS issue weed warrior, Letitia Peppers, a feisty cannabis lawyer that is as no-nonsense as Bernie Sanders. 

When the carpetbaggers came to California a few years back with the poorly written Prop 19, it was Letitia, a lawyer herself, that saw through the smoke that arose not from cannabis but manure. At the time, alerted by the real local underground culture being an activist, I inquired to Ms. Peppers about the ballot measure. I found her discourse thorough, logical, and well thought-out. As an old debater, I recognized a talent for true thinking. Plus, it was Letitia who delivered the very first 'sign' of my book Memoirs. Letitia's report right after the jump.

'Sam H. Clauder II, former San Bernardino political watchdog and finance chairman for the San Bernardino County Democratic Center Committee, was arrested in Texas on February 22, 2016 for transporting marijuana with a street value of $1 million.  Mr. Clauder had also, reportedly, paid $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) to rent the hospitality suite for the event at the Democratic Convention in San Jose. 

After he made bail, Mr. Clauder came to California so that he could act as the MC for the Brownie Mary Democratic Clubs' party on February 27, 2016. So now we have Texas, [Hillary won big, but is in need of the old 'briefcase full of cash' trick that Richard Nixon used to buy friends and dirty tricks], the Democratic Center Committee, and the cannabis activist group of old-timers, Brownie Mary Democratic Club. And the tie-in, selling out Mary Jane for political power through the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) by having the green Hillary really loves.

AUMA appears to be an effort to give total control over all California marijuana and hemp (and all proceeds therefrom) to the Democratic Party by creating a slush fund of all proceeds from marijuana -- taxes, fines, license fees, etc. -- a special fund, controlled by the Governor and whoever he appoints, that will not be available for any program other than the control and regulation of marijuana and hemp. 

Under AUMA, should it pass, none of the tax, fines, license fees or any other  revenue from marijuana will go into the General Fund, public schools or community colleges, as would otherwise be required by existing law.

This means, of course, that all benefits from legalizing marijuana will go solely to pay for salaries, supplies, pensions, etc. of the political appointees and special police force members (who are already referring to themselves as "The Regulators") to tax, control, and regulate anyone using or growing marijuana or hemp. These monies will also probably be used to pay for the drone surveillance program that will be used to look for people illicitly continuing to grow marijuana for their own medicinal use including aerial pesticide spraying, since AUMA is also designed to decimate California medical marijuana patients' rights under the Compassionate Use Act (Prop. 215).

This may explain why California's Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom, who plans to become Governor, is in favor of AUMA, and has already set up committees (which do not include poor and disabled medical marijuana patients) to decide on how "legalization" should take place.

The February 27, 2016 BMC party event that Mr. Clauder came to California so that he could act as the MC turned out to have been set up by Lanny Swerdlow, the founder of BMC and president of its Riverside Chapter, as a kick-off and endorsement lovefest for Sean Parker's and Dr. Donald Lyman's initiative drive, the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).
Some of the other people who approved of or endorsed AUMA (besides Mr. Clauder alleged drug trafficker and Lanny Swerdlow, RN, of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project and the BMC) at this kick-off event were Don Duncan of ASA, Lynette Shaw, pot purveyor, Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris (of the West Coast Leaf newspaper).

To read exactly how AUMA is designed to destroy the existing decentralized medical marijuana market in California and increase the cost of marijuana for all adults, send a request to: and ask for her pdf. That pdf file contains attorney and medical marijuana patient Letitia Pepper's in-depth analysis of AUMA from content taken directly from the Attorney General's website.

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