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Temecula, CA – At Easter you have the supreme gesture of compassion, the story of a guy who took a bullet, er, cross for the team. The team in question wasn't just his fam or friends, it wasn't Team home-state or Team home-country. It wasn't even Team World. So it's hard to think of anyone else, including myself, who would volunteer to replace Jesus if God offered a new person the shot at being the one to come back from death on the cross. To do that, Jesus was a hell of a guy, because a number of people he died for are going to hell obviously.

Though none of us are Jesus, we can still do our individual part to show compassion to the other person. In fact, the Bible says that when we do this for total strangers with no hint or want of reward, we get the max in godly brownie points.

Recently Temecula's City Council voted NOT to ban medical marijuana cultivation within city limits after years of opposing it. One of the main voices for this change was Maryann Edwards, who even more recently was named Woman of The Year by Assemblymember Marie Waldron. After the jump we look at another city council also struggling with the marijuana question. As you watch and listen to the rationals used in various points, look for common sense and compassionate regard because this is why we have the America we do.

The vid that follows is par for the course for the various other cities throughout the surrounding valley.

The following reply is one I authored to rebut a circular logic argument on MSN earlier today.

'Allow me to answer that for you. First, it isn't marijuana, that is the name they used to make it illegal a little over a hundred years ago. The plant's real name is cannabis, long recognized in homeopathic medicine. Cannabis is actually two plants, as in male and female. It is also the only plant, possibly besides mandrake, to have genitalia. This is so amazing that, like the moon, if there were no God it couldn't exist. The two genders offer varying benefits and cover the gambit of everything needed to survive living on this planet, from medical, to food, to ink, to clothes, to being a lung full of fun. It's even in the Bible [Gen 1:11, 29, 30, among other places]. However, people who don't like it, shouldn't be allowed it, and the people it can help should be. America used to be about choice. Here are three books that will tell you all you need to know about cannabis, ISBN-13: 978-1878125026, ISBN 0-9629872-2-0, and ISBN 9781478318217.'

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