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Temecula, CA – Although other states may have a more robust cannabis legalization scene going on, California and Los Angeles in particular, will always be the coolest and most progressive cannabis scene. The cannabis slang name of Mary Jane or marijuana, comes from California. Jack Herer, though born in New York and dying in Oregon, was a California activist for cannabis and hemp, almost single-handedly keeping the door from closing on the history of cannabis. It was also in California that Jack Herer blessed the Christian last name of Green being given to Mary Jane, in 2009, San Benardino's Purple Haze Fest.

So it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles is putting on a stigma-busting event to help rid the general impression that people who use marijuana are lazy, slacker, hippie stoners only. While every group has their stereotypes exaggerated [Amos 'n' Andy, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, The Wild Bunch], both Maynard G. Krebs [who didn't seem to ever be high as a character] and Cheech & Chong, who did in and out of character, cemented the stoner slacker image in many people's minds whose heads now have gray hair.

On Saturday morning, those folks who are at both the Santa Monica Pier down to Venice Beach will have a chance to see people who use marijuana that don't fit the above image, and really never did. Thanks to Prop 215, pot isn't just for hippies anymore. If you think that you might like to enter the 420Games yourself, take the jump and see a special offer available to Calendar readers here. It's a long weekend and a day at the beach is always fun.

Starting Saturday morning at 9:30am, we will take a trip from the North lot at The Santa Monica Pier heading South along Ocean Front Walk to VENICE BEACH, turn around, and walk, jog, or run back to the SM Pier for 4.20 miles of exercise in the beach sun. Temps look to be in the low 70s for highs so dress appropriately for the beach. And remember, there is no smoking of any kind on the Santa Monica Pier. Being respectful is also part of the image change to those unaware of the real cannabis market.

After the 4.20 mile course, join us in the Northwest Lot of The Santa Monica Pier, where we will have 2 hours of Beer Tasting sponsored by Lagunitas from 11am to 1pm, enlightening music, educational speeches, some comedy stand-up, and industry sponsors and exhibitors! The Event at The Santa Monica Pier ends at 2pm, making way for the AFTER PARTY.

Now, this is where the fun begins!

After The Santa Monica Pier portion of the event, around 2pm, we will head over to The V Lounge where we will meet up with INTERNATIONAL REGGAE SUPERSTAR PATO BANTON with opening performance by THE KYLE TURLEY BAND from 3PM - 8PM!

The After Party will play host to medical sampling for those with valid Prop 215 Recommendations, meetings with industry reps, and an amazing concert!

Shuttles will be available to take participants from The Pier to The V Lounge from 2pm-3pm
After Party ends at 8pm.


And now the link for our readers. Enjoy! Happy Easter Weekend!

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