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Temecula, CA – There seems to be a plethora of 'C' words in the news and minds of people lately. Let's start with the one most common and not talked about – Chem trails, which are now being referred to as 'man-made haze' by weathermen on television. This totally unprecedented experiment on the world's NATO population started in 2003 after a 'mention' in a Sunday comic page as a possible fix for global warming, asking for reader input. Of the three ideas put forth, the chem trail proposal came in dead last. Of course that didn't matter to our Federal Government. Does it ever?

Now however, the daily dosing seems to have a double meaning. That recent new meaning brings in our second 'C' word this report. Sometime in the next 7-10 days the world is expected to be able to see twin comets as they race by us on their way to circle the sun. These two comets are to come from a path beneath the South Pole and travel on the trajectory upward past the Northern Hemisphere. It's possible that chem trails may obscure the view for many, but maybe not.

Historically comets are omens of bad luck or catastrophes to come. As we go deeper into the election season, another 'C' word, actually two, spring to mind, more about that, two more 'C' words, and Chem Trails 101 for those folks who still haven't looked up and smelled, well it ain't pizza, after the jump. 
Two days ago the morning sky looked like this around town.

All of the above cloud formations are Geo-engineered and are not natural. The increased recent use is reported to be because of the Nibiru solar system approaching through our solar system. All these formations came from high-flying specially equipped jets, possibly remote controlled by a spotter jet plane though I think they have advanced past that point now.

How can you tell the difference between a normal passenger jet, perhaps one bound on an international flight as they fly the highest, and a chem trail plane? This is a chem trail plane exhaust. The exhaust line from the plane DOES NOT dissipate and evaporate. The exhaust from a regular jet is made up of water vapor which momentarily changes to ice crystals until the sun's rays turn that frozen vapor to water vapor. Not so with chem trail exhaust.

And there are CON-trails. Please note the difference as they are trying to legislate this in Rhode Island.

Our next 'C' word involves Hillary and more of her baggage, bringing out the trolls and bringing in yes'um Establishment blacks.

Meanwhile husband Billy The Kid continues to prove he's bulletproof by flaunting state election and Federal law.

But we wind up our St. Patrick's Day issue with hope because the day is based upon a recorded happening that proves above all we see happening to us and above us, there are feats illustrating a few [St. Pat and buds, JC and the Boys, Jason and the Argonauts] overcoming great evil.

To toast that, yesterday the DARK ACT was defeated on the Senate Floor. Mole report:

"An Excellent day for us! We did it! We called and emailed and spoke up to our Senators and 50.5% listened.

They voted 48 Yay and 49 Nay for cloture which means that we stopped the closure of discussion and they could not vote to pass the Dark Act bill today. They requested a reconsideration but no time is set.

GREAT Job Everyone!

Stay tuned for a list of Nays and Yays!! We need to meet with all the Senators that voted Yay. That was unacceptable. It is time to focus on the health, safety and nutrition concerns about GMOs and related pesticides!!

Please call Senator Merkley's office to thank him for his extraordinary support of the American


Now here is a riddle, what 2/3s =s a whole in the Bible? Answer story coming soon, stay tuned.

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