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Temecula, CA - You are cordially invited to a political event in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento, 1230 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814 on Tuesday, March 29 anytime between 7:30 am and 6 pm. But try to be there by 11AM to make a good crowd for the press release. The main purpose of this event is to protest those meeting there for MMRSA [AB266, AB243, SB643], the unconstitutional attempt to destroy Prop 215.

Pro-cannabis, pro-medical marijuana people are coming from SF, LA, San Diego, Sacramento and the Inland Empire, among others will be there including rally co-sponsors Patient Advocacy Network, Axis of Love, and Crusaders for Patients' Rights, with monetary support for transportation and food for impoverished patients being donated by the many growers who have supported us through the decades.

Word has been sent to Russia Today, so we may have some Putin coverage because no mainstream establishment media will be there. Be aware that though this is a cannabis protest, it is not an entertainment event so medicating openly may not be an option. 420nurses chapters in the vicinity are invited to photoshoot this political opportunity to show support for CCHI2016. Also seize the opportunity to meet and greet the E420 Weed Warrior, Letitia Pepper, cannabis lawyer, activist, and the exposure of sellouts.

“Bring signs with slogans like 'Defend Prop. 215', 'Defend Patients' Right to Medical Marijuana', etc., because I am offering a $50 prize for my three favorite protest signs!” - Letitia Pepper

Many people look to the present election as Establishment vs The People/Citizens. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have each tapped a different enormous pool of anger. In the cannabis scene there is a similar division between the Establishment and the patients/citizens. The difference is the marijuana activist/patient scene is also divided between the Establishment [in this case known as 'sellouts' since they themselves have experienced the miracle plant] and patients who believe in affordable and uninhibited access.

There are a few women in this fight between good and greedy but the one who gets her hands dirty is a Riverside lawyer named Letitia Pepper, one of the queens in this real world Game of Thorns, thorns being Establishment since they are always sticking you with the bill to pay for their supper. Some of you may wonder about Letitia's credentials so let me just say three things to rationale the lead-in picture used.

Letitia is a medical marijuana patient, unlike anyone in government office in any city of California.

When Prop 19, the poorly written bill to legalize weed for California came to town, Letitia's clear, critical thinking, being a lawyer ['it takes one to know one'] allowed her to see the pitfalls, including no GMO-RELATED wording pertaining to marijuana. The people who were defeated here made a huff then went to Colorado where the rubes bought it. Legal weed there has killed two, but not medical pot.

And number three, after I published Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, like most artists, I caulked it up to inspiration [Occupy LA] and went about trying to promote the work. I felt good but I didn't feel special. Then I watched a video featuring Letitia as I worked on the* launch and searched for suitable content to post. Casually, almost a BTW-end of the show comment, I hear that a prediction from a book section I wrote almost two years earlier. What seemed passe to Letitia, an accepted fact even, was actually a linchpin reason driving my passion to publish and officially release on the Doomsday date. Letitia had just announced the book's first prediction to come true. I set my pipe down and listened to the start of the vid again, not believing my ears at first.

What Letitia found:

Shackles Businesses and Employees. The new framework expressly protects business owners, employees, landlords, and others from both criminal law and civil asset forfeiture so long as they follow the requirements. [Notice 'requirements', not 'the law'.]

Seventeen different types of annual businesses licenses would be available, including indoor and outdoor cultivators of different sizes, plant nurseries, processors, testing labs, and dispensaries. A new class of business licenses — distributors** — would be responsible for all transport between businesses. The minimum fee cost seems so far to be $8,000. [Remember, the majority of people sick are the poor and the middle class, simply because they are more in number.]

The system established in these bills would not license collectives and cooperates as they exist today, but the transition is gradual. They could continue to operate in compliance with local rules until at least January 1, 2018. Provisions within the bills state that the collective/cooperative defense would remain in effect for one year after the department announces that business licenses are being issued. [The system isn't broken so they have to 'fix' it.]

Patients could continue to grow their own medical marijuana (except where local governments have banned personal cultivation). However, grow space would be limited to 100 square feet, and patients would be prohibited from giving, selling, or donating medical cannabis to another person without becoming licensed.

Cultivator Space Would Be Capped.

Medical cannabis sold to patients would be subject to specific requirements, including being 'chipped' so the government can track where the cannabis goes. Do they do this for opiads – NO.

Local government must issue a permit to a local business in order for it to lawfully operate. Local governments could also assist in enforcing state law, creating their own standards in addition to state standards, and taxing business activity. [More fees and taxes adding to the overhead of 'affordable' care.

A business license applicant could be denied a license if he or she has a felony record that includes offenses considered to be related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of the business. These include a conviction for the illegal possession for sale, sale, manufacture, transportation, or cultivation of marijuana. [Weeding, no pun intended, out the little guy who because of a record, can't get a normal job.]

The California Department of Food and Agriculture would issue pesticide standards and a standard for organic medical cannabis. [This from an agency captured by Big Ag and aligned against MOMS and food labeling, but pot labeling is OK?]

Deliveries Are Allowed — Except Where They Aren’t. By default, the larger dispensary license holders can make deliveries to their patients. But local government can ban deliveries via ordinances. There is no separate license for delivery services. Deliveries or shipments through areas that otherwise prohibit businesses would be protected.

It is possible for some types of businesses to have licenses in more than one category (for instance, some cultivators could own a dispensary), although the ability to own multiple types is limited. Businesses that are allowed to operate in several different categories by July 1, 2015 could continue to do so until at least 2026. [The opening for the new elite to be created.]

For-Profit and Non-California Investors and Owners Allowed. Unlike current law, businesses would not be prohibited from cultivating or distributing medical marijuana for profit. In addition, there are no requirements that investors or owners be residents of California. [This of course opens the door for outside corruption to flow in, cough, mob.]

(*- NEWS.420Nurses is now the spinoff stand-alone site; ** - “Mob-controlled union trucking”, - The State Of Marijuana 2015)

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  1. The Queen of Swords has always been one of my favorite Tarot cards.
    Before Prop. 19 hit the ballot back in 2010, I, Lanette Davies (who started Crusaders for Patients' Rights), and Dragonfly de la Luz, the goddess-like protagonist of the TV show "Cannabis Planet,and current reporter for Cannabis Now magazine ( participated in a NO vs. YES debate on Prop. 19 at Los Angeles HempCon. The NO side was represented by Jeff Jones, his lovely wife Dale Skye Jones, and Mike Grey. We kicked their assess. So by the time Lanette Davies was scheduled to debate Richard Lee (Prop. 19's funder) at INTCHE in San Francisco, Lee was refusing to Prop. 19 with a pro-cannabis warrior like Lanette, and instead brought in an ANTI-pot preacher, the Rev. Ron Allen instead!
    And after Prop. 19 failed to pass, I gave both of them a book showing women holding swords as a sign of power and strength, AND of willingness to fight for the poor, disabled and defenseless. Romans 15:1, King James Bible: "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves."