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Temecula, CA – Anyone who has seen the vid on the cancer industry knows the idiopathic machination has tried to disenfranchise the real medicine practitioners of the world just as Monsanto has tried to gloom up all the heritage seed banks. Though the prognosis for humanity appears dim with the Establishment-minded running things at present, the info of the EHS two day event presented rosy hopes, hence the title wordplay. And no, though the name would certainly fit her, the lead-in model pic is a volunteer, one of the usual suspects.

The two day event actually had a number of rooms for staging. There were rooms for press interviews though the only major news unit to show was RT, Russia Today. Few people realize that the regime change in the Ukraine was brought about by Monsanto's boy Barry, overseen by Ole White Joe, and Queen Hilly waits in the wings to finish the job. Mitt's along for the Adrenalin and the memories. While the mainstream news spun our food sanctions as punishment, Putin outlawed American food for its GMO ingredients and NO labeling. Take that MidWest farm bureaus on the dole from Big Agra.

A separate building held the EHS homeopathic product vendors and the main ballroom held the cause organizations, some products, author signings, books to sell, and a meet and greet for some of the speakers. So make the jump for your usual Calendar photo coverage to see who was there. If you were, you just might find yourself in a shot. After the jump we start at the front door for the Rosey Hope Show, cause that's what we in this fight all have, rosy hopes for tomorrow.

The long connecting lobby held the base camp. Registration.

While outside Barry's boys chem-trailed heavily as per uosh

Back inside just along the wall was the Institute for Responsible Technology, from the Heartland.

The RT team led by Alexey Brazhnikov was the only media news source there, besides the Calendar and GMO Free News.

Interviews were done in the spacious thoroughfare, like the one for Jeffrey Smith, author, filmmaker

So grab your swag bag,

 Pick up your lanyard badge from the other registration table,

 and let's get outta the lobby, let's outta the lobby, let's get outta the lobby, and get ourselves some hope.

Our closest neighbor was promoting a solution for Peter Matthews' Dollar Democracy quandary. 

When you walked inside the ballroom, to your right the sample products awaited you.

On your left you could try your own personal dry sauna, helped by a very cool sales team.

Jimbo's was there with a rosy hope crew and fresh non-GMO, organic fruit.

Down from Jimbo's was Moms Across America, manned by moms.

Then the books about various related topics started. We had some readers.

And those who wanted to be pictured with authors, 

Even a certain 'memoirs' that predicted the cannabis threat from Monsanto was on display. Holy Moly!

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, 9 o'clock left, stands out in the crowd
Speaking of Monsanto, March Against Monsanto had a table set up.

In the center of the huge room there was staging for, 

An L-shaped area available for consultation

Other areas of the middle floor held impromptu interviews and planning sessions

While BulletProof served up sample collagen protein bars in chocolate and vanilla flavors,

And Tulsi offered a free box of their latest flavor, Jasmine Green Tea [very delicious - Ed]

But mostly like secular Deacons in Gaia's Church, we all worked to spread the message to the flock.

Leaving happy faces,

Happy vendors,

And two new Memoirs readers, all of us breathing boxed air.

I got to shake hands with Dr. Seralini, a bookend moment to meeting Dr. King when in the 10th grade.

It was a great place to be if you weren't a dog. For me, that would come later.

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