Friday, March 4, 2016



Temecula, CA – The latest Republican 'locker room' Debate turned into a real wiener roast as Rubio the Mark took it to that level, er, down to that level earlier in the week when he called out The Don for having 'small' hands, an Urban Legend indicator for male penis size. And The Don was having none of it. The Republican Frat session was on.

The audience loved it. The ratings were through the roof. Men talked length, women talked girth, but nobody talked chem trails, Syria being without power, or even the War on Drugs now with Christie, who would be an Albatross to Trump as VP, gone from the podium. What was supposed to be a group dog-pile on Trump turned into The Don's gang-bang as the contenders were all dick-slapped across the chops that left the mark of capitulation like a whelp. Somewhere both God and Satan are having a beer.

Like a Gabby Hayes sitting in the saloon watching this barroom fight happen, I know the script, which is why I will be down in San Diego this weekend covering the two day session with the French doctor who did the studies that proved GMO food causes cancerous tumors in rats. Saturday's event is open to the public but Sunday is reserved for other doctors. I urge everyone who can make the public day, to.

“Trump is a dangerous authoritarian who poses a dire threat to the Republic” is a quote from New York Mag writer Jonathan Chait. The fact that now the word Republic' is used rather than Democracy shows the clothes are coming off the feet of Nebuchadnezzar to reveal this

Because the image Nebby saw was the god Mammon, the real image of the money system. For the Republican Party, Donald Trump is 'the unpolished stone'. More discussion on this point after the jump.

At the risk of undermining a central discernment of mine in Memoirs's Chapter 20 and cannabis tie-in on the back cover text, it appears that a prediction made to me by my grandmother, a woman I called an old Jewish washer woman once as an angry child before I knew that history, is about to come true.

Donald Trump threatens the Establishment, whether Republican or Democrat. His voice gives the little man power, especially the little white man. While blacks, Mexicans, and others might cry when being squeezed out of the power structure by racism, the little white man does NOT have this card to play. When he gets shut out, sent to war, taken advantage of, GMOd, and chem-trailed, he's getting molested, not fucked. That leaves a skid mark. Now the Emperor wears no clothes and the lit fuse has disappeared inside the powder keg, like a cartoon from Warner Bros., movie home to Gabby Hays.

An image man, in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Monsanto's main man, the Mitt-ster. Yes folks, things are heating up, and this time it's white mano-to-white mano. Establishment-minded Republicans and conservative intellectuals, has vowed never to support Trump, even if he becomes the nominee.  Trump, for his part, said he'd support the eventual GOP nominee, even if it's not him.

Just in, Mitt Romney officially tells GOP MIC crowd “I'm your man” as Big Don pumps up the volume with rallying talk of War Crimes.

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