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Temecula, CA – This just in. A news report, the second part of a wine sampling testing for glyphosate contamination, was pulled after ABC7 aired the first segment. This special TemCal report comes from some of the moms I stand with at honk 'n' waves, and one in particular, Zen Honeycutt, one of the speakers at the Seralini event in SD.

As a shout-out to all the luxurious grape-stomping wine drinking partiers and growers, please take the jump and find out what's in your wine besides alcohol. But even more important, take the jump to find out who is putting the skids on you finding out about your wine. It's not the growers, it's not the drinkers, it's the Truman Show and the people who are poisoning you are happy to treat your affliction and will donate to your 501c3 charity event honoring your sick kid. Folks, that's evil.

Last night I was sent a message saying to watch ABC 7 live at 6pm PT as they aired the second segment of their report on glyphosate contamination in California wine. Like the cannabis cause, the no-GMO John Diaz-Moms Across America is also a cause that's heartfelt. The second segment was going to allow us to "meet a woman who shows farmers how to get rid of the chemicals and embrace the weeds. It does work apparently."

After the jump, the first video segment, who did what, and the things you can do about it. BTW, don't look for this story in the Press-Enterprise, or even in The Patch. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only The Shadow, and the Temecula Calendar.

Zen continued, “We were thrilled. A solution!”

Here is the first segment.

Unfortunately, the second segment did not air. To say we are disappointed is a major understatement.

I heard from ABC during the segment that the report had been pulled. As usual, we have reason to believe that Monsanto exerted pressure on the network. ABC World News, which was scheduled to air the report nationwide today, Saturday, was cancelled. ABC 7 has also removed the piece from their website. Millions of people who are interested in this story, will not have access to important information if things continue as they are.

Censorship of our news destroys the integrity of our country.

In a time of a health crisis, which includes mental illness and violence, our media networks are not sharing the solutions.

In a time of vast disparity between the wealthiest controlling corporations and the struggling mainstream America, corporations are controlling the information given to the public. We cannot let this go unnoticed. This is not freedom. This is not justice. This is not in the best interest of the public, of the reporters, of the network or our country.

We must speak up and let the network know that we want them air the second segment which gives the public solutions. If they hear from thousands of us they may very likely air the piece!

Please join us in sending a respectful but firm email, letter or Facebook message to the KGO/ABC7  network to "Please air the report on growing grapes without chemicals, do not allow Monsanto to censor our news."
Click here:

And send a quick note to ABC World News that glyphosate contamination is a national issue and we ask them to air the report:

Further contact information for ABC7:

900 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Main Line: (415) 954-7777

Email ABC7 Newsroom
Contact the ABC7 News team

With Love and Gratitude for your support,

Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team

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