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Temecula, CA – 'Road Trip'. The magic words to symbolize adventure, the open road, and a destination. When the notion came up of accompanying Letitia Pepper to head north to rally at the MMRSA conference and to spread the word about AUMA, I got a ticket to ride. What are the MMRSA and AUMA? Glad you asked because I didn't know when this trip started or about the relationship of the two. In fact, the only thing I knew for sure was that a Hillary Clinton effort was being put forth by the Lt. Gov to insure he would be the nom for the next governor bid in the way they all move up the party line. You deliver a plum, this time a green plum. There's only one problem with that however.This time he's picking on my boo, Mary Jane.

Folks, this story is big, really big! Like Don Knotts once said, “BIG, big!! And suddenly the rabbit hole has closed up around me. Luckily I have you readers as witnesses to the barroom fight that will burn brighter than the rest. In fact, the Cannabis Chit List, #CannaChitList, is being started at the all cannabis website, a place to keep all genuine aficionados and medical marijuana patients informed as to who is selling us out, how, and if possible – WHY?

Group photo of Rose Level, Mean Greens, Salads, Oil, and Water levels. See story for details.

First off, as stated before here, pot, once hot is suddenly cool; so the elite, the well-heeled, the hypocrites, and of course the Evil [Patent # 6,630,507] all pursue cannabis with the intent to rape and pillage. Now the book I dropped on Doomsday, in LA at the NORML meeting, will start to unfold like a scroll. Even the people involved don't know what's to take place, but you, Dear readers, well you can pick up your copy of Memoirs and follow along with a script. After the jump, Act 1, Introduction.

The story of MRSRA and AUMA starts with their names, and this story. MRSRA is the 'collective' of the state passed and signed AB266, AB243, SB643. As a trinity, this collective is opposite from the cannabis collective as legislated in Prop 215 around 20 years ago by the voters. This is like an upside-down cross for the wary. AUMA stands for Adult Use Marijuana Act and is being put forth by the establishment political hacks and wannabes seeking favor from the Queen by having access control over revenue from pot sales, all pot sales. A coup over the people. That's how it works.

“My word,” you may be saying. “How can they do this?”

It is a variation on the theme of 'The Golden Rule', the real Golden Rule – 'The people with the gold make the rules.' This time it's the lawyers. They write the laws and they are hired. Some are bought by corps and others, perhaps most, are blinded by greed.

When they look at cannabis in the form of medical marijuana, they can't see past that point of the plant's uses for legitimate taxation. Because of this fixation, or enchantment with pot, Mary Jane Green, as put in Memoirs, people are separating into wave levels by the vibrations they have. The highest level to life is the 'Rose Level' – Laura Eisenhower

As we stand on the edge of tomorrow, we have four groups of players on the Stage of Life. This opening report, written from the wings of the stage, seeks to acquaint our audience, YOU, with the players in this program through levels.

Rose people are the few who are interested in doing the right things for cannabis. They are people who support Jack Herer's CCHI2016 initiative. The Carnation Level will be discussed another time.

Mean Greens are those whose only desire is the buck. Their motto is 'the biggest fuck for the buck'.

Between the extreme levels are the salads or sell-outs.

Oil helps everything run smoother. So it is with both cannabis and the uninitiated. They have been helped through cannabis and see merit to expand the creative universe of cannabis by inventing new ways for its betterment to society.

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said to me, “The youth are the future. Your parents are already part of the problem.” - Memoirs, pages 64-65. In this case, the 'water level' is the youth, the same reason why I stand on corners to 'honk 'n' wave' with a few moms you may know. Although oil and water don't mix, an ingredient can be added to resolve that insolubility. As the bringer of Truth [the Press], that's the ingredient. In this series of reports the possible future for pot is looked at, beginning with AUMA.

The above director's notes will be used to identify the scene we're in. If there was ever a time to wish for a fictional ass-kicking, younger, no-cheeseball, last Action Hero, well, we need a last Cannabis Hero. Where are you, Jack Reacher? You don't even have to smoke it. You stand for the right thing.


2003, Topanga Canyon, Midday, and a small crowd of activists, hippie types, patients, hipsters, and editor, PT Rothschild are gathered at a lodge with an outdoor balcony for a Hempseed Pancake Festival featuring Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Jack's book lit the fuse that is today's exploding medical marijuana market, akin to the guy who conceived MTV on a jukebox. Except.

After meeting the authors and buying a copy of Green Gold [ISBN 0-9629872-2-0], PT greeted and met Jack Herer, a personal friend of attendees, The Victors* of whom he was a guest. As the two men walked out to the patio to sit and chat, PT would later recall the sights, sounds, and smells of a place in Southern California long mentioned in the most artistically magical music reviews written. Now he understood why. The two men sat down and the moment continued.

A first-taken minor irritation happened before the conversation could begin. A man interrupted to present Jack Herer with some Jack Herer, the strain, that is. This was the original introduction of the strain to the man himself. The guy had driven down from somewhere and camped out. With this interruption, the hair on the back of PT's neck stood up. It was like being in a garden at Camelot.

The conversation was some bullet point questions followed by thoughtful, insightful answers. As PT said later, it was “like meeting Elvis and Papa Smurf rolled into One.”

As conversation and two quickly smoked 'Jack Herer' joints were cashed [roaches saved], the bomb under the table went off, so to speak. Wrapping things up and readying to dance away on the good foot, PT said:

“The way Bush is going, we're lucky to have medical marijuana as a way to keep the door open for legalization.”

Jack Herer:
“Medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to pot!”

PT blinked.


(At the time of the initial meeting with Jack Herer, PT was not registered as a medical marijuana patient but like Hunter S. Thompson, same HS alum, he rolled deep underground and was accepted as a journalist, pun intended. Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane, was a first draft manuscript roughed out in 2001)

This is the introduction to the show. Save this information but if you forget, look for links in upcoming reports. This pro-cannabis media work is property of Moirai Productions, PT Rothschild, Spokesperson

Follow the roadshow to Sacramento next in, “FINDING YOUR DEEP-THROAT – THE MONEY SHOT, coming here soon, 'film at 11.' (hint: look for the provocation lead-in photo)

[*- For those few who are hip to the dip pertaining to alchemy, certain words and numbers will stand out to you. These ques are there for those readers]

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