Friday, April 15, 2016



Temecula, CA – Tis said, “Sunday's child is fair and wise.” On Sunday, Letitia Pepper, the leading cannabis defender against madmen like the Gavin Newsom and Sean Parker, whose plan to fool voters into voting for AUMA, the Regulators' Adult Use of Marijuana initiative is being touted around. So far, word on the street is all the meth heads and heroin addicts are looking to vote it in. That's comforting to know, isn't it?

In our last report, we looked at how old Sean lives. Seems like he knows a lot about poor medical marijuana patients, doesn't it? Oh wait, he's a hacker. That's a thief. Now he's a hijacker and living like a LeBron. Actually, when you look at the world now it makes perfect sense. Look at the people who support both Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Look at these twos nefarious records and at how the two major parties are fighting Trump and Sanders, tooth and nail. Evil has become good, black has become white, oop, that hasn't happened yet. It's more like whites have become like some Africans [Idi Amin].

How do you deal with this kind of world chaos? You make order out of your section of the woods, and then you hope it spreads like in Daniel 2:35b [rear cover text of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. On Sunday, Letitia Pepper will address the panel at the High Times Cannabis Cup because she is fair and wise to the trickery of AUMA.

Today a passerby alerted me to the fat cash-filled wallet of a neighbor as he drove by. I know the neighbor. I took him his wallet, talked to him about AUMA and gave him two info packs concerning AUMA complete with DVD vid of this story. Needless to say, the Calendar will be at the Cup a second time. It's a good start to the weekend, a good deed. R.I.P. John Stone, and thanks, we need all the help down here we can get. Say 'hi' to St. Bipsy and SRV for me.

This weekend should provide an interesting backdrop and revealing look into the civil war now being fought by cannabis activists, entrepreneurs, carpetbaggers, real super heroes, and your local Dr. Strange, the man who gave the last name to the female persona everyone seems to be so crazy about, Mary Jane.

Realistically this call is pretty simple, just as Jack Herer called it on page 267 [you know where], “It's the plant. It's the whole plant, cannabis, not marijuana, that's what's important.”

While various groups fight for various reprieves, redress, and equal rights, others rail against banks, wars, and political corruption. All these fights are tentacles of the kraken. The fight for cannabis involving AUMA is the head of the kraken because with cannabis owned, you can own Mother Nature since cannabis is a plant AND a herb. This has been the plan from the beginning. This was the reason for tempting Eve, the woman, causing a two-fold permanent black mark that has been the bane of Woman ever since.

For more on the Cannabis Cup keep it tuned here. For the complete lowdown about the Garden, see Chapter 20 [yep, yep].

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