Sunday, April 3, 2016



Temecula, CA – In the beginning was the word, and the word was formless, until blessed into being by the Hemperor, Jack Herer. As with Genesis, this adventure started on the evening of the first day. It was the start to a political fight that began back in Genesis [see Memoirs, Chapter 20] and coalesced at Occupy Los Angeles. Make no mistake, the battle to save cannabis in California is bounded by 3 walls like a pyramid tent. One wall is real, one wall is symbolic, and one wall is imaginary:

The phone rang and it was Letitia Pepper, firebrand lawyer and warrior for weed. She was going up to crash the conference in Sacramento because the state was gearing up for their AUMA push. At this time Letitia didn't know much about me, not even remembering if she had met me. But I knew a lot about Letitia. I knew she had been put through the prescription drug wringer, like John Diaz' son Sam. A friend bid her to try some medical cannabis, and like salad-boy Sanjay Gupta, she was born again. But there was one thing I didn't know about her. On this trip up the coast, Letitia would be bringing along her 88year-old mom, Lorraine. Yep, road trip!

The magic/typical road trip number is four, also the number rep of the world minus all the people [materialism], so we picked up one more party for this pilgrimage, Professor Hemp, aka Patrick Moore, ye o' Tam-o-Chanter cap. The political and eccentric posture of each person added a puzzle piece, almost like a band, a band of pot Goonies. Before the sun would set and the hour strike 12, a person seen in the following pictures would be dead. This would be our Stephen.

The morning sun was just starting to rise against the tall buildings in downtown Sacramento as we found our protest spot at the Sheraton, the corner of 13th Street and 'J'. I certainly hope a Twilight Zone chill just washed over you in realizing the cultural references in both street signs. This is the way it is in a Rose Level adventure and the Rose Level team had arrived. Unannounced!!
Letitia set up at a logical spot, but perhaps it was the hot pink jacket...

Others also observed Letitia, the Professor, and Mary Jane.

BLM - Black Lungs Matter?

 They drove fly rides and parked with privilege, not the Handicapped Zone.

But whether Mean Greens, 

Or salads, 

They all reported back to their masters of our presence.

Meanwhile the protest grew in number.

Until we had a Bigo Boss line.

End of Part 1.

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