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Temecula, CA – Though publisher Bill Gould has done extensive work with the Temecula city officials in various capacities, he did not call and ask for this endorsement of Chuck Washington from me, PT Rothschild. As a person with a photographic memory, this endorsement will probably come as a surprise to Chuck, for that matter. But it is because of this type of memory, prayed for by me decades ago and granted by the Lord [or whoever handles those things on that level], that I can write this post.

Chuck Washington and I came to the valley around the same time, early 90s or late 80s. The area was so young then, although many newcomers like editor Kim Harris are still bowled over by the area's freshness, and niceness. Twenty years ago it was fresher and nicer. It was also more raw-bone. It was a time when various small groups were solidifying, making connections for the future, and taking their first footprints in the snow, metaphorically speaking [see Memoirs, Chapter 19, 'Kicked Into Paradise'].

Though we came on the scene about the same time, Chuck and I were on different ends of the spectrum. Each having 'white' wives, I was pretty sure that Chuck's didn't have the pedigree of being descended from Little John [her Grandpa told me] or being Wicca [Memoirs, Chapter 18, Season of The Witch*]. Along those lines, Chuck and I would never mingle or rarely cross social paths. So why am I endorsing Chuck, because the only prejudice I have is against stupid people [see story, 'Is Monsanto Taking Out The Trash?' You know the deal, make the jump...

Welcome back. As I bounced around Murrieta and then Wildomar in those days, I always kept an ear open for the local haps. Chuck had run for city council, I think, and had gotten elected. I kept aware because I was friends with a Lupus patient who needed marijuana to function on the meds she had to take to control the steady-worsening illness. Her name was Dottie and she still had time to be involved in local politics. From the environment that gave us both the recent DUI denial and the Henry Ramos fiasco, Chuck soon moved his fam to the more citified atmosphere of Temecula. He got elected there.

My life moved on as well but I always kept an eye on the sister cities and what they did of interest, after all, though I cover politics and pot circles rather than quilt shows and typical throw-downs, I care about the people I live around. Over the years I have seen and read good things about Temecula's City Council and all the members. Murrieta's City Council has remained more small town 'Twin Peaks'-like from the days when the mayor got a street paved to his daughter's [as owned by] private school at tax-payer expense. Yepper!

The valley has seen fit to keep me out of city politics, since I reside in the county as its wizard, but seeing that the official system gave Chuck some OJT and he is doing fine in that opportunity, I endorse Chuck Washington for Supervisor in the upcoming local election.

Plus as I remember, Randon Lane was proud to endorse Agenda 21's 'Sustainable Living'. This is Agenda 21 in two pictures.

Vote Chuck Washington for Supervisor. My name is PT Rothschild, and I approve of this message.

(*- Title of The Rascals 1st album after they stopped being 'The Young Rascals' in the very late 60s - Ed)

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