Friday, April 22, 2016



Temecula, CA – Some see this as an opportunity, others see this as a second civil war, but there is another view to this present day. Personally, I see this as God's final 'Here, try all your last options before the curtain call return.' Isaiah 65:8, 9, speak to this purpose of giving everyone enough rope either to hang or to climb to safety. This is being done so the chosen can do what they need to and be seen by those above all of us. In fact, to all my Prop 37 fellow vets, Isaiah 65:12 is a distillation of Psalm 37. Sadly, as predicted, many are sleeping through this sermon.

America is the last man-made empire [Daniel 2; Memoirs, Chapter 20] and the feet of the image of mammon, the god of money [Matt 6:24, Lk 16:9, 11, 13] is symbolic of the current petrol dollar with iron drill bits and the clay level just before the 'Thar She Blows!' is sounded. Now, after always having someone who was for the right thing, an outsider to the Establishment, we have two such people. There is one from each major political party so if we drop the ball this time, there are no options left for mankind, if you believe that sort of thing.

For the Democrats, the choice could be easy were all the party the same race or 'color' but southern Democrats know how to 'work' their mammies, as well they should after around 300 years of overbearing. Southern politicians know the colored phrase 'the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice' is a euphemism touting the beauty of the darker skinned black women [Spike Lee's School Daze explored this theme]. For politicians like Hillary Clinton the motto is, 'The darker the berry, the easier to juice (for votes).'

In Africa being dark-skinned is a blessing but in America, the darker skinned non-whites, be they African, Jamaican, French, or even Eskimo, are treated to the bottom of the barrel not for being more ethnically pure, but for being the farthermost down the scale from being white. How fucked up is that?

The color-coded system is easy to maintain because black people don't come from a common area, like Blackland, and therefore do not congeal together as one tribe with a common color. This is a common misconception just as all white people are alike, a misconception held by many blacks, especially the darker skinned.

Were it not for black folk in the South, Bernie Sanders might be the one to face Donald Trump, with maybe a Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren as a Vice President. But it looks like that is not going to happen because Hillary knows her audience well.

In the context of all the world's events being connected for a reason, Isiash 65:16 gives rise to the notion that not everyone will remain just a player in the coming and present World Play that Shakespeare talked of. Some will become A.D.s in this stage play because of the fight they choose.

This isn't about winning or riding in on the gravy train. It is about recognizing the day [Noah's] and fighting for good, as a Christian, not judging, not selfishness, not being antagonistic. It is about being in the fight and being a busy servant when the Master comes home, as it says in the Good Book. Were it not for the chem trails, folks might have a clue but the stage direction for lighting seems to be under control by the Prince of the Air. In God You Trust, cha-ching!

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