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Temecula, CA – Sometimes you just want to step off the merry-go-round of this flat earth, and just catch your breath away from the political corruption, this wave of globalization, and the reality of the Georgia Guidestones. So I kissed Mary Jane lightly on the lips, said 'I'll return with a story' then strolled to hop a bus for the first ever Murrieta Art Walk, having read of the event in the Valley News.

Within the City of Murrieta, with its apartment homes and new ranch tracts on land I once boll weevil'd on in the Park Specialties daze of my bounce around the valley, lies a village with the feel of a small Iowa town, but without the silo. The streets are flat, the area is a contained space surrounded by developer tracts instead of cornfields, but the feeling is the same as it was when I discovered the word 'Murrieta' means place to flee to. For awhile when I worked at Best Buy, I lived down the street along the outer south edge of the village on Los Alamos Rd near the corner of Washington Street.

The Village of Murrieta, or Old Town Murrieta, has undergone some renovation since I lived in those parts. Ray's is gone and Joanie's parking lot is twice the size but the same lonely cowpoke songs on the jukebox still sound the same, much like the old cowpoke standing outside to smoke a cigarette looks the same. The park-like dollhouse look to the Village even seems more quaint with all the gentrification that has happened. No more do the buffalo roam across from the Pop Warner ball park as they once did. However, there remain unspoiled little patches like before, and on one of these, at a SW corner in the center of the village, I followed the sound of singing to a daydream and a meal, sort of.

The newly formed Murrieta Arts Council held its free event at the corners of Washington and Juniper streets. A question that had been burning in my mind was where the idea for the art walk came from. My answer came from the second person I talked to in the friendly, sparse late afternoon crowd amongst a gusty breeze which dropped the temps into the chilly 50s. To no surprise, folks were starting to tear down.

“I have been to the Art Walk in LA,” said Jessica Large, of the MAC, a ball of energy Go-To person ramrodding the event in acknowledging the idea wellspring. Jessica was starting to feel the chill as the day and crowd both got to be less however. Helping her was fellow MAC and city councilman Reginald Wadlington. This meeting yielded a gift certificate to Anthony's Lounge & Ristorante, a Murrieta landmark from the days I lived there.

Besides a return to the second area I lived in after fleeing* to the area back in '94 from the land of Radar O'Reilly, the back fence charm to the Village of Murrieta area expressed on the honest faces also yielded my first new music CD of the year, from DayDreams**. The solo artist did a set of original music from his debut DIY release title, At A Loss.

The six track 30+ minute CD brings to the audience a sample of the caliber of original talent available here since the 00s, though not so abundantly anymore. A little is better than none at all however, and the tunes contained aren't what you get from American Idol or any of the rest of those canned shows. These hills have long been home to genuine lyrics and talent that's so raw and fresh, it's still got pimples.

As I walked back to the bus stop, appropriately by the senior center on town square from the village park part of Murrieta, I reflected back on the Murrieta verve which is small town in the core village area. It is a different area and vibe from the outer ring of housing tracts that reside along various terrace levels around the valley, in the area I called Cloud City, the fast freeway on-off Jack-In-The-Box city space that surrounds the Village of Murrieta.

Congratulations on your first Art Walk. New original music always is worth seeking out and a plus when you just happen upon some, except, if you knew Murrieta like I know Murrieta, this was no happen-chance. To be continued...

[Editor's note: * - For more of a look at the valley in the early days, pop. 25K Murrieta, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Chapter 19, Kicked Into Paradise. ** - DayDreams is Jarryd Ramborger, see daydreams78 on these platforms, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram]

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