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Temecula, CA – Though today's story title was the tagline to Watergate's Deep Throat, this ain't your granddad's election and Nixon was medium potatoes compared to this present day fiasco. Somewhere Nixon is looking up, rubbing his hands in his classic way, saying, “I'm loving this” and “Where's that boy with the ice? It's hot as hell over here.”

Our DT of today has a different rabbit in his hat. Today's story comes from a mole, one of the legend of newshounds I happen to run with at times. This report we look at the money system to AUMA, the state-pushed Prop 19-GMO special to legalize pot being sold to uninformed voters. What's that you say, they are just now trying to get signatures so it can get to the ballot. By the time you finish this story, you will understand how what you see, the signature gatherers at Wal-Mart, Sav-Ons, and around supermarkets are window dressing. AUMA is a done deal for the ballot in November.

We have tracked the grassroots connection to AUMA through cannabis activist organizations, but what about the other side and their infrastructure? First, the purpose of AUMA, the so-called Adult Use Marijuana Act, seeks to make MMRSA legit by the voting for AUMA. It is the classic double play. A bogus law[s] is put forth but before it can be challenged in court, a measure allowing for the bogus law is put before the people to legalize the bogus law. An original version of this was when they named cannabis 'marijuana' to get the plant outlawed in Congress. Now Lt. Gov. Newsom, Hillary Clinton, and Sean Parker are betting that voters, this time, are caught napping by the Napster.

Make no mistake, Sports Fans. There are many people who feel the same way being part of the Establishment. We happen to think that when people are educated to the facts, like with GMOs, they will do the right thing and come to the right conclusion. However, this isn't a food fight.

The AUMA infrastructure is this. Helping to fund Sean Parker's billion dollar initiative, the Adult Use of Marijuana  (AUMA), which can be seen on the State's official website, is the New Approach PAC. One of New Approach PAC's main funders is Privateer Holdings.

'Privateer Holdings employs a team of more than 250 professionals across its portfolio companies, including investment bankers, venture capitalists, former federal law enforcement officials, Ph.D. researchers and chemists, horticulturalists, and marketers from world-leading brands like Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon. Meet Privateer’s entire team here.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Privateer Holdings was founded five years ago as the world’s first cannabis industry private equity firm. Its portfolio of companies includes Leafly, the world’s leading cannabis information resource; Tilray, a global leader in medical cannabis research and production currently operating a state-of-the-art, federally-licensed cultivation facility in Canada; and Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand being developed in collaboration with the family of global cultural icon Bob Marley.

Privateer Holdings, the world’s leading investment firm shaping the future of the global legal cannabis industry appointed Federal Reserve Bank Examiner Dante Tosetti as Director of Treasury Compliance on January 12th. At Privateer, Tosetti is leading the development of new financial solutions for the cannabis industry while also continuing to strengthen Privateer’s commitment to the highest level of compliance with the complex financial laws and regulations governing the rapidly evolving legal cannabis industry.

“Privateer Holdings is a leader in the legal cannabis industry thanks to its commitment to compliance, starting with a strong tone at the top, along with a team of driven, distinguished professionals,” said Tosetti. “I am excited to work alongside Privateer’s expert team, including former federal law enforcement officials and Ph.D. scientists, to set new standards of excellence in the legal cannabis industry.”

Tosetti comes to Privateer with more than 18 years of commercial banking experience, including credit underwriting, business development, portfolio management, loan production and regulatory safety and soundness. Tosetti joined Privateer from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco where he was a commissioned bank examiner. In addition to his work at the Fed, Tosetti has held numerous senior leadership positions at banks across California, including: Vice President of Sterling Savings Bank (now Umpqua Bank), Vice President of Heritage Bank of Commerce, Managing Director at First Republic Bank, and Vice President at Borel Private Bank & Trust Company (now Boston Private Bank & Trust).

“It’s no secret that banking is one of the legal cannabis industry’s biggest challenges,” said Michael Blue, founding partner and Chief Financial Officer of Privateer Holdings. “We are thrilled to welcome Dante to our industry-leading team of professionals. His hiring is another strategic milestone for us and a reflection of our commitment to operating with the highest standards of compliance while forging new ground in accelerating the development of the cannabis industry globally.”

Tosetti is the second former U.S. federal official to join Privateer Holdings’ team. In December 2013, Patrick Moen joined Privateer Holdings as Managing Director of Compliance and General Counsel. Prior to Privateer, Moen spent over 15 years in law enforcement, including more than 10 years as a highly-decorated criminal investigator and supervisor for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During his time with the DEA, Moen focused on complex criminal conspiracies involving large-scale drug trafficking organizations, and was responsible for overseeing a multi-agency task force. Moen was the first DEA official to leave for a position in the cannabis industry.

Patrick Moen (left) and Dante Tosetti (right) both joined Privateer Holdings from positions with U.S. federal agencies. Prior to joining Privateer Holdings to shape the future of the rapidly evolving legal cannabis industry, Moen spent 10 years at the DEA and Tosetti spent more than 4 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.'

The plan for California is a duplicate of Washington State's take down of the medical marijuana market to sell lower grade pot as legal to max profits, fees, licenses, and misery. I was in Washington State not long ago. I spent a month there one week. Do not sign the petition for AUMA and tell your friends. However, be ready to vote this down come November.

"In California, if people vote for AUMA, they are exchanging their constitutionally-protected right to cultivate a medicinal herb for a mere revocable privilege -- which the Legislature can and will revoke with a simple majority vote.  It's tricky, which is why you need to read my annotated AUMA text to see how this works."  4pepper

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