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Temecula, CA – Yesterday was the last day of the High Times Cannabis Cup. Sometime around 4:20 Letitia Pepper addressed a panel about the true evil nature of both AUMA and MMRSA [Adult Use Marijuana Act and Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, respectively]. Letitia's 88 year old mom watched her daughter in action, only to forget the whole thing five minutes later. She's so sweet with her in-the-moment countenance. I wasn't be in the audience however, because I pulled a 'Christian'. I'm took the Sunday off because this assignment is over for me. I met the people I needed to. Being the Joker in this Cosmic deck, I could do that.

The first order of business for any campaign is to spread the word, but pot has been around since before Jesus. Jesus! Sitting up on the hill like the lone Cherokee that I am, I've watched this pitched battle for decades and like many readers, I have wondered why this deal for cannabis recognition and respect is so convoluted. Sadly, to answer the question, we are all part of the problem because we are hard-wired for THC and no one can tell you why. That, in itself, should mean something. So I won't bore you with every strand in this Cosmic web. Suffice it to say, here's my central theme web strand.

Audio book on CDBaby, Spoken Word, Storytelling. PT Rothschild voiced, Strike Twelve Studios.
When I wrote Memoirs for all the myriad reasons which I have stated here on occasion, the last word was the bottom line. I figured if I sprinkled clues and sparkled my writing personality, interest would be enough to stimulate sales. I've even gone on record as saying, 'I didn't write Memoirs as a hobby'. But you see, Sports Fans, even I was sucked in because this frenzy over cannabis is the final earthly war. This war is over whether we, Humanity, will sacrifice the earth to Evil for money? I wrote Memoirs because I found out what might happen if we do. And it's in the Bible [see rear cover blurb, Memoirs]. Read now the secret of Memoirs and decide for yourself!

Now before I reveal what was revealed and written about in Memoirs, I want to say that it was never just about the money. I made Memoirs' Chapter 20 [Is Occupying Mary Jane God's Will?] available to the medical marijuana patient community of in the blog section after I joined. It was broken into segments because the reason for the current pot melee is very complex. I didn't learn what I did in an evening so why should I expect the reader to digest the whole bale at one sitting.

To understand the scene mores you should be versed in religious history, knowledge of The Classics, a sense of current event history, and understand metaphysics as it relates to esoteric matters [how and why magic works]. To make this simpler, think of our world as a Truman Show. We are watched and from time to time 'things' will happen that make us scratch our heads. That's a tap on the screen because we are all ants. This tap will alert certain ants to stand up and seek a new path. Those ants are already known because those outside the Truman Show are outside Time, our Time. This war isn't about those ants, it is about the ants who follow what those chosen ants follow. That's the Ticket to Ride.

One central theory in Memoirs from the beginning is normal is an illusion but now in the end times there is no try-over, there is only do.

In the beginning was the word, and the word from Memoirs is that the two trees in the center of the Garden, were the Male and Female cannabis plant, Hemp Brown and Mary Jane Green. They were the Earth Ambassadors and Adam & Eve were God[s, being that He wasn't talking to himself]. Together the two couples would create a virtual Paradise Zoo while the once 'dead' planet was raided of its gold for their use. But something happened and the plan went off the rails early. That part of the story has to found outside the Bible but bits and pieces did slip into scripture, if you know where to look. The problem is, the Bible exists in four levels or layers.

After the plan went awry, the Bible picks up the story and God's reaction to it through the passing of the curses: one for the serpent [who was NOT a snake] losing the ability to travel from the Earth, one for the man of hard work, and to the woman, increased womanly miseries but sexual desire for the man. So everybody was pissed off. The stage was set. We skip ahead to Daniel.

Now we see that the world has acquired a new god, an unseen god so mysterious and powerful, it frightens the shit out of the dreamer just by it's image. This happened to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel's Times [Dan 2, KJV] and to Obama in our time [Dreams of My Father]. The image is the likeness, physically, of mammon, the god of money [Matt 6:24; Lk 16:9, 11, 13.]

The riddle of the feet is this. As the image is of man-made world empires made through money systems, the feet represent the petrol dollar or the U.S. Dollar [iron = drilling equipment bits, clay you hit just before the oil pocket].

And so now back to the opening paragraph, the Indiana Jones riddle buried deep in the Bible. To fully appreciate this POV you must prepare your mindset. Step back in time. You are living in a time of great things but the people in the far-off distance future are not going to believe the features of your day. They will be deceived so you must dumb it down and then disguise it for the day when discovered it must make sense. [See the above image discernment]

Given, Matthew 25:1-13 was written for future followers but composed in the distant past. It must be also understood that cannabis is written about in the Bible, unless you believe something so hard-wired into humanity like sex and violence would be left out of the master story about Mankind by the All-Seeing God. No, I didn't think so.

Oh, one other thing, a visual aid.

Our story opens. It is the distant future as Jesus peers through time in his Jesus way, which is why statements like 'Man lives not by Bread alone' are so relevant today. In the future he sees two groups of non-Jews, believers in His message, and believers in His power, but both through blood and public social magic ritual membership. One group believes in love, they are pagans. The other group believes in might, they are savages. In the future both groups have been swept into his camp by history and miracles, a power he himself set into play to help the whole world until his return. From where Jesus sits and sees, both groups have been absorbed into the world culture, for the world is built-out in the far future.

A call is sounded, the king [Jesus] is returning to claim his prize, you know, the one evangelists tell you that he died for, the Church. The call goes out, “The Bridegroom is coming.”

These two group remnants are waiting out on the highway [away from others] for the bridegroom, meaning they are separate from any main body of villagers. The number is small, 5 each, further distilling the groups from their main populations. Being pagans, pre-Christian believers, the groups are both women just as the Earth is of a female gender. This distinction is not true of all the planets in our solar system.

Each group is also separate from each other and could be on different sides of the road but across from each other away from the village at equal distance. These groups are where they are because of a special request to the pre-party; that of being added to the guest list for this special future wedding event. No reason is given for this addition except they are both now included.

More cryptic metaphor appears in the exposition about the two groups. They have packed similar 'lamps' or torches [torchbearers] and have camped out, falling asleep during the night. Around the end of the evening and the beginning of the next morning, Midnight, word comes that the late-arriving bridegroom has been sighted. This reference indicates people expected the bridegroom to arrive earlier than he did.

The aroused groups get their belongings together but when one group sees the others with oil ready to party instead of waiting for the groom to provide, they decide that's a fun idea. They go across the road and ask their neighbors for some, but that group makes the argument, if they share, there won't be enough for them both. They suggest that the oil-less ones go to the village and get their own supply of oil. Obviously this isn't a problem as that group leaves in a rush for the village.

For those who read magical fables, there is always a 'falling away' which happens for the prize to be had, is to be had by those who are wise, not foolish, but in a cosmic way. Remember the Nazi's burned hand in RTLA? He went through pain to acquire the knowledge he got but because he wasn't the chosen, he only got half for his troubles. But this isn't Raiders of The Lost Ark, it's Pandora's Box.

While the one group is away to buy oil, the Bridegroom rolls up and says, “Hop in.”

Hurriedly the first group arrives back and knocks on the vehicle door for entrance. The eye slit slides open and the group says [presumably out of breath], “We're here, Sire.”

But the voice matter-of-factually replies back, “I don't know you.”


Plug-ins: The two future groups are the Christian and Muslims who were pagans before being converted, both by miracles and then by the sword.

The Muslin group has been ID'd as the Sufism, an idea two pot-smoking Muslims both nodded in agreement to at the Cup on Saturday.

Two questions. What else can you get late at night but cigarettes, alcohol, and cannabis in that reference [You are going to a wedding, not a funeral or a picnic. What do you take to a wedding?]

If the moral is 'don't come to the party empty-handed like a free-loader' then why do both groups have rigs, or lamps. Ed note:When Memoirs was written and even later discussed here, the lamp to rig parallel had not been drawn. That connection happened just several days ago, right before the Cup.

A conclusion I draw in Memoirs, Chapter 20, is that if we lose cannabis to capitalism, God will pull this gift from humanity, because unlike a corn stalk or even a tree, cannabis was given to man not to sell as a privilege but to use as a right.

Put another way:


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