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Temecula, CA – Religious history tells us that when Moses went up on the mountaintop, the rest of the Jews became restless. Though having been through the 10 plagues and the Passover, plus the Parting of the Red or Dead Sea or Sea of Reeds, it was still a showstopper because this happened as Moses struck his staff to the ground and proclaimed certain words, causing this miracle to begin at his signal. After all that, most of them still jumped at the chance to worship and orgy around the calf of gold, the idol for mammon. The Jews of old were impatient, and it cost them dearly. That's historical fact.

History repeats itself. That is also a proven observation. Today, however, because the majority of people, marijuana users or not, have no knowledge that cannabis is in the Bible, the world at large is being misled. Medical marijuana patients, in particular, don't realize what historical group they mimic in this modern age. When California passed Prop 215 20 years ago, a 20 year rather than 40 year span began of wandering in the desert began for patients similar to the Hebrews in Moses day. Now like the Hebrews of old, panic is being spread among various factions in medical marijuana groups, old schoolers long in the tooth, that legalization is coming so we better jump on board with AUMA now. This is the same tactic being used by the factions who trade Hillary Clinton like a commodity on Wall Street.

But 'this day could not happen unless there be a falling away', it is said. The reasons for this 'falling away' are hidden but it is to reveal the real standbys of Mary Jane Green, or cannabis to those who haven't read Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. The picture above shows two links in the effort to stop the decimation of Prop 215, myself and Patrick Moore, in LA on 9-11-2014, the start of the present day legalization farce by the state Establishment. It was the first time, I think, that we had seen each other since Occupy LA. The road trip up to Sacramento set my mind to wondering about my history with this movement and the links, or people in this battle against the 'god we trust in' on our money, the god mammon [Matt 6:24; Lk 16:9, 11, 13].

For the readers of Memoirs, the link starts on page 259 with the design and printing of T-shirts promoting the Prop 215 [front and back] including the Bible reference Gen 1:29, 30, which was only given in location, not text. It was a shirt that said to other Christians, 'yeah, I smoke weed and I feel very affordable medical pot should be available for those it can help in any capacity. Taking it to a party is not the same. Stoners/partyers usually get sick AFTER the party.

Someone else who weren't patients at the time Prop 215 passed were Marty Victor and his wife Lavonne or her late mother-in-law. Their pot t-shirt collection contains that Prop 215 shirt collector's item and led to seeing Jack Herer [2003] in Topanga Canyon before their health declined.

Notice the half-smoked joint next to the water bottle and the smile. She was selling yarn goods at a fundraiser.
It would later turn out that all three people would become medical marijuana patients; Marty for cluster migraines and Lavonne for MS. Over the past decade I have seen the Victors go through lawsuits, wrongful arrests, and property seizures. I have also seen their health go downhill, bottom out, and then go back to better health, especially Lavonne, who at one time needed a Hover-Round to attend cannabis events and protests. Now to see her, you would never know that this medical condition once made her almost completely disabled. But she never quit fighting for patient's rights. And neither did her husband. Both were heartbroken by Lanny Swerdlow's betrayal of patients to AUMA.

Marty Victor next to wheelchair, left; Lavonne Victor, Hover-round, 2nd left [2009]
Following are some other links fighting to prevent this state-sponsored monstrosity including those who stood with Patrick, Letitia, Lorraine [seated], and ye old camera-person up in SacTown.

On Sunday, some of these same people are traveling up to West LA to protest and bring attention to the billionaires meeting with Sean Parker and El Chapo's Sean Penn over finanacial backing for the AUMA Initiative. Film at Eleven.

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