Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Temecula, CA – If you haven't noticed of late, like Monday, the option of leaving a comment about a story has been taken away from news readers at the story title sites. Mass communication between people who are fed up with the system is being cut to keep the party line droning without competition. Looks like the only people with a voice now are the establishment folks who read the WSJ, or The Washington Post, or the LA Times – the majors.

This No Comment editorial policy began in earnest yesterday at Huffington Post and probably the last week or so at MSN. This policy was experimented with at MSN before and possibly commented on by me in a column several months ago in a story. Now that day has come to pass. This policy also comes along at a particularly troubling time in American history, a time of unparalleled corruption and disconnect with our 'elected' officials. With any last hope being crushed in the major markets by Clinton party politics and the cluster***k of the Cruz-Kasich connection to derail outsider Donald Trump, the net tightens around the general American public. The question is, will they wake up in time or wake up, at all.

Of course, if you follow certain trains of thought, this sneaky citizen blackout is being proactive to the coming discovery of the true nature of things which NASA has long denied. After the jump we take a look at the latest discovery that proves we are not alone in the solar system. After all, you don't need real people if the news is canned like the laughter was on 'live TV' back in the day.

Much like those who still believe 911 was a real event, not the false flag used to get the world into the present state of corporate globalization and regime change, anything not orthodox is outside the realm of believably. Proof however, is not only 'out there' noted so famously by the popular X-Files quote, but within reach of YouTube in a number of communities.

Removing an avenue for public voice through advertised sponsored commercial news companies like MSN and HuffPost seems a sign that the Boys at the Top are afraid of the People's Voice, especially when it comes to Establishment politics as usual. Granted, there was a lot of bottom feeder commenting but there was also a great deal of rebuttal with resource sharing. Barring a way to censor the net and make it less free, bottling and eliminating comments on 'public' news sites, like MSN and HP, are the next best solutions to stifle public outcry over any perceived government sleight, while making the information-starved citizens easy to fool with the only 'news' there is, much like the rally cry over Hillary.

Watch out Sports Fans, the game is afoot, and the net has been tossed.

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