Friday, April 29, 2016

Murrieta: Police arrest 3 men in a stolen car full of burglary tools and drugs

Murrieta, Califonria - On 4/27/16 at approximately 12:31 a.m. a Murrieta Police Officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Juniper Street and White Leaf Lane.  A records check was conducted on the license plate of the vehicle and it was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen out of the city of Vista in early April.  

The three occupants, identified as Ronny Melton, Kenneth Alford and Ryan Paschini, were detained and a routine records check was conducted on each.  The search revealed that Melton and Alford each had felony warrants for auto theft, and all three had extensive criminal histories.  

Melton and Alford were arrested for their warrants and Paschini was arrested for being in possession of the stolen vehicle.  During a search of the suspects and the vehicle, narcotics and burglary tools were also located.  All three subjects were booked into the Southwest Detention Center.
Ryan Paschini (44 years)
Resident of Oceanside
Charges: 666.5(a) PC – Auto Theft with Prior Auto Theft Conviction; 10851(a) VC – Take Vehicle Without Owners Consent; 496D(a) PC – Possession of a Stolen Vehicle; 487(d)(1) – Grand Theft Auto; 11377(a) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance; 466 PC – Possession of Burglary Tools; 22810 PC – Felon in Possession of Tear Gas; 14601.1(a) VC – Driving on a Suspended License
Booking Number: 201616616

Ronny Melton  (27 years)
Resident of Murrieta
Charges: 2 Felony Warrants
Booking Number: 201616609

Kenneth Alford (29 years)
Charges: Felony Warrant
Booking Number: 201616611

Murrieta File Number: 1604M-6236

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