Saturday, April 16, 2016



Temecula, CA – Final arrangements to attend my second High Time Cannabis Cup weren't really finalized until I was out of the shower and ready to start off, but I've learned to relax and leave the worrying to the Universe. As I climbed into my temporary ride and started her up, the cell rang and it was the two other members of my media crew, Brad and Shawn. After getting directions and taking the back way up, we got to the NOS Center in plenty of time.

The next hour was an hour in West World, with robot employees and ending right back up where we started from, but with all the early miss-steps, following the jump you can see how the Calendar's first day went at The Cup. It must be remarked that very shortly after we arrived on site, word rippled through the early bird crowd that LA was staging a free event in competition and the crew called a quick powwow to mull over a possible change of venue coverage. Staying in SB, I did have the feeling that up in LA, there were probably some young dabbers I know who can really throw down. But this is Life During Wartime – Talking Heads.

Arriving early, we found that our first bit of reported info to be incorrect, but we're a crack team so there was a Plan B. After that we entered the maze-like area that seemed more vast and confusing then past events. I didn't worry though, Mary Jane Green was large and in charge, from dawn to dusk. There were many happy faces.
We got a great parking place.

Brad and Shawn covered navigation and stuffing packets. Here they get ready to start the outreach.

We brought John, of course.

It was a lively early afternoon crowd in gorgeous, very windy weather. The crowd was folksy,

While under crystal clear skies, the vendors too were cheerful, and also as young as the day.

Some had a message,

Some were the message.

 Others offered some relief, which was everywhere you wanted to be.

And some places that you were glad your weren't, unless your name was Larry Leatherlungs.

We even met the King and Queen,

But as the night began to pop, 

I met clandestinely with a man in makeup this time. It was Deep Throat, again...

to be continued...

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