Monday, April 11, 2016



Temecula, CA – Though waved off by me when the weather forecast showed 60-80% chance of rain earlier in the week, Demeter, Mother Nature to the public, decided to cooperate, so the first team went out again. This proved to be a wise choice because new team members were added in this fight for cannabis against the AUMA, Adult Use Marijuana Act. A new collective was found that offered the cheese, and for those keeping track of the esoteric side of this contest, two more people cards were added to our deck. These were the cards of luck/prediction and weather, in the form of rain.

Under cloudy skies and still damp pavement, Letitia made the call and this time a different set of warrior knights set out to charge an Establishment windmill. After plans were set, three different groups, sort of, would start out from Riverside HQ and roll out to West Hollywood on the I-10. In one car a woman who lived in a senior citizen area and a survivor of illness exacerbated by prescription meds, lived in a pot ban zoned city. She handmade edibles [see picture as end of story] and had become totally cured.

In another, several dogs including a medium to large dog traveled with his two owners and Letitia, I think. Around that time the pot fairy puffed his magic dragon so I left with who brung me, as they say in Kentucky. On the ride back home later in the day, I would find that the car I was in contained all first-time protestors. I was a word pimp politico in a car full of protests virgins, or 'free-wheelers.' It was going to be a good day.
Letitia was in usual form under cloudy skies on Santa Monica Blvd and Sweetzer.

And our honk 'n wave did stir some sidewalk interest.

But LA is LA, even in West Hollywood

We turned some heads on to the real skinny.

While we added some old faces to new [ones for me]

And remembered our first martyr, John Stone, R.I.P. 

We also saw Bern marks along a wall,

Plus tasted the Heart of Yucaipa. 

Days end, it was to the BARC collective for some Blue Cheese, a very aromatic hybrid, while leaving behind a silver bullet through the AUMA turd pile. They were very interested. Twas was a very good day.

Now the smoking lamp is lit [pun intended].

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