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Temecula, CA – The second day of the High Times Cannabis Cup happening in San Bernardino at the NOS Center brought some surprises, both in crew members, old faces. and new news. So let's get cracking on the exclusive breaking, before anyone else and this means Richard Eastman, renowned cannabis activist from the days when TV was B&W.

Today TV is in living HD color and flat, but Richard Eastman is larger than ever, having survived beyond the point of many of his peers. And it is Richard's peers that make him a legend. As I was becoming acquainted with the cannabis scene in LA during and after Occupy LA, a number of people I met were people I had only read about in articles published long before I relocated to Southern California. One person I saw mentioned along the periphery was Richard Eastman. The main people I came across were Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, and Dennis Peron; so to meet someone who was that close to center stage was awesome.

When I met Richard and a number of other old-timer stoners, at first there seemed to be some resentment in having done what many in my generation wanted to do or were still in various stages of manuscript development. While I think my adventures are interesting, I encouraged all the stoners to set their times set to paper and offered any tech support, admitting that at times self-publishing did seem daunting. The general reflected attitude changed when I showed genuine interest rather than a 'I got mine, so …....' attitude which that describes the current cannabis civil war division. It is a division of the 'MEs' vs the 'US'. After the jump. Day 2 of the High Times Cannabis Cup, and as they say in San Berdo, 'A day without wind is a day without sunshine. Saturday there was plenty of both but less wind speed.

One again we rode in like the wind. The only ones stirring were me and Brad. Shawn, the third leg of this show crew decided to cut bait, so Brad and I soldiered on. The place wasn't eerie, but it did appear like a play stage somewhere without any crowd or multiple music beats trying to make you get like Jairo doing the capoeira.

But I found the only two 420Nurses in the place, also there bright and early, Alice Dabs, and 420nurses camera person, Photo Goddess, who took this picture to record the moment.

Then it was over to the VIP High Times indoor area to scope it out.



After saying Good-bye, it was time to look around the spot as more people started to file in.

A vintage replica hemp bag used to transport cannabis reminded me of the Fest where Jack Herer blessed Mary Jane's [given (by me)] Christian last name of Green. It was also one of the last times that I would have a good feeling about Lanny Swerdlow. The year was 2009, again in San Bernardino, pages 268-9.

Jamaica Brand Cannabis hemp sack was one of several prizes PT won and awarded by a slightly perturbed Lanny

 I flashed back to that day and chuckled. I guess the magic of Mary Jane was showing me then Lanny's true colors. It was funny. I treated him like my name was Trinity, from the spaghetti Westerns. But then it was time to start the day. The California Cannabis Coalition main team was ready to go. They 'approve' of Memoirs as do the 420Nurses on the back of my[now out of date] biz cards. When this series is over, they're done like Topps.

A full service cannabis activism point. We even registered people to vote. The giveaway ruled.
The noon opening seemed to bring out the first of clues pointing to why the pot fight is hard to unionize.

"Uh oh"
Then came the jugglers and the media.

Cannabis humor was everywhere but the generation gap is illustrated visually and verbally in style.

Made me smile
Shops were opening, with many rolling out their Saturday help, but I saw a few familiar faces.

A Squad was onstage, but of course I wasn't there to party, and it ain't no disco either.

Later in the day the crowds would swell. Meanwhile back along our row, there was a tent of signature gatherers a couple of stall spaces down. Signature gatherers for AUMA [boo, hiss]. Were I Bernie Sanders perhaps things might have been different, but several members of the groups we were affiliated with for booth space decided to antagonize the hired help, resulting in a dime being dropped. And so Sean Parker droned us.

However, don't worry Sean, only the Press saw this. So my co-workers are finding this out now. That's why you want the real press, trained eyes for the surprise. Once again I made new friends as I was the AUMA expert in rebuttal. [Well, I did letter in Debate.] The packet with the Letitia Pepper DVD was a hit! I made sure a number when to good homes. Tomorrow panel audience members will get the copy for showing up at the discussion. The buzz is spreading. Thanks to today's antics unfortunately, we've been de-cloaked. Now it's agenda and tricks vs policy and execution. Winner takes the pot, literally.

All in all, for the many blessings of the day, I felt like a king in a happy world, comfortably stoned like Hugo.

And of course, there were girls, girls, girls.

All photos from live action at this weekend's High Times Cannabis Cup, happening in San Bernardino. If you missed any part of Day 1, please go here.

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