Sunday, April 3, 2016



Temecula, CA – Meanwhile as we worked the sidewalk cannabis protest against the state sponsored AUMA into a nice line, even Letitia's mom Lorraine, 88 years young, joined the fight much in the spirit of Lavonne Victor's mom back in the day when Lanny was straight. Well, as straight as he could be.

Seeing that the line was keeping an open passageway for the Tourist Class and the day had warmed to cool So Cali standards, I dashed back to the parking garage to duff my bright red scarf. Leaving the parked van, I heard a “pssst.” I walked over to the pillar where the sound had come from.

They pissed me off when they had Jesse set up Martin for the hit. Listen, I been following your stuff for a minute. You got a good heart. I want you, all of you, to win this thing, so I'll help you. I'll be your Deep Throat.”

Ok? What's that entail?” I said to the voice on the other side of the concrete support.

There is a long trail for this evil and it remains outside the normal view. From time to time I will give you bits of info to decipher. To show you that I am what I am, I'm hepping you because you have heart [compassion]. You can hear art, like Thomas the Rhymer.”

A noise behind me caused me to turn around. When I turned back there was no sound. I thought of looking to see but this is a magic adventure. Like CosPlay, there are certain rules of etiquette. So I left the garage and returned to the protest. Later that morning I would spot the cryptic solution.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, shit was crackin'.


R.I.P. John Stone

If you are just joining this quest to stop AUMA, please go here to unlock certain wordplay. A special shout-out to Lavonne Victor for a goodwill send-off and Jeanette Perez for holding down the fort.

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