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Temecula, CA – Tis said, politics make for strange bedfellows, and that couldn't be more true than being glad to receive a visit from a sheriff, or I should say 'Sheriffs'. When you live as a wizard, even a Christian one, isolation is a key ingredient for a number of reasons, none of which will be covered here. Suffice to say, the Sheriffs brought word, official word, that backed up my original analysis and perception concerning 3rd District Supervisor candidate Randon Lane, a man from Murrieta's Mos Eisley-style city council.

You see for folks that have moved to the valley in last week's turnip truck, the Murrieta City Council has as rich a history of inbred corruption as Peyton Place, though nowhere near as colorful being small town. Those were the days of Warnie Enochs, and Dottie & Mary, two ladies who kept the council's toes to the fire over things like the commandeering of the Federally-built Senior Center for private commercial use by a local bullying family. Good times, but that was then, and this is now.

So you can understand how relieved I was to see that the Sheriffs' evidence proved I was correct in my assessment of Randon Lane as a poor choice for County Supervisor. After the jump, we see what the Sheriffs had to say about Lane, take a family look at Shellie Milne, and again speak about Chuck Washington. These 3 are running for County Supervisor. Two have political experience while one just seems to smell the pizza, as Ferris would say.

As a gentleman, it's ladies first. When I examined the Shellie Milne tri-foldout of information, two things caught my eye right away. The first was the old tried and true Dollar Sign next to 'fiscal responsibility', an everyperson politician term. The second was the last info square that spoke of helping get rid of tax-payer insurance plans for city councilmen.

The reason those two items really popped for me is county supers do get taxpayer insurance as do most public servant positions. Everyone knows that as soon as Barry moves across town, DC's Republicans are going to try and jack up everything Obama accomplished, except the TPP, of course, but that's another story for another time.

So it stands to reason that if you have a large insurable family and you have your own business, the best shelter for you in the coming years is on the country taxpayer's dime for health insurance needs. Also the only woman in the folder who isn't a family member is..., oh, there aren't any other women. As for pictures with other children beyond the family to show public concern for youth, er, well, there are no others. And not being a Chris Kyle, seeing a woman firing a piece doesn't make it seem like she's protecting my kids, my family, or even my kind.

Randon Lane is a politician, so the latest picture of him to make the public rounds does show him with kids who aren't his own. How much of a politician he is, helps explain the regulation-size billiard table 'elect me to Supervisor signs' placed at various points around Murrieta, the city council this Lane leads to. What did the Sheriffs have to say about this person who once proudly touted about being a member of Agenda 21? Just this, all taken from public records [for full report see]

  • As Murrieta councilman, Lane voted 120 times to raise local taxes.
  • Had a federal lien placed because Lane skipped paying $23,000 to the IRS in taxes.
  • A Riverside court garnished Lane's wages to repay his personal bills.
  • Charged Murrieta taxpayers $50,000 + for junkets, lunches, and dinners [*Agenda 21 meetings don't come cheap; that's how they know you really believe in the Georgia Guidestones].
  • Charged Murrieta taxpayers his costs to meet and receive a $10K loan for himself.
  • Voted to charge Murrieta taxpayers $$$$ to attend meetings he himself volunteered for. Was that the reason Lane volunteered in the first place???

That brings us full circle to the last man standing, for the right thing. When Chuck Washington became a member of the Murrieta City Council, in the days of Dottie & Mary [page 260, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green], I was aware of the election win and saw this as a very positive thing, being that Washington was a minority newcomer to the valley, like myself. After some time however, Washington left the council, sold his house, and moved to Temecula. At the time I thought, 'well, movin' on up.' Now years later and especially after the way Veteran Henry Ramos was short-sheeted by fellow council members, I think Chuck was 'movin' on out.'

Over the years that Chuck Washington has lived in Temecula, he has served on the Temecula City Council, a much better fit. Those years have seen me attend some meetings for various reasons and outcomes, including the meeting where I made peace and left the council a heartfelt song recording by a musician as a gift. That musician was later killed in Old Town.

In all that time there has been no word of any fiscal irresponsibility dropped about Chuck Washington and he didn't marry a rabbit. In event photos he never seems disingenuous or pandering, so even though Chuck and I don't attend the same church picnics, bowl on the same league, or shoot hoops together and hardly listen to the same music, Chuck's got my vote. And I hope yours too.

My name is PT Rothschild, and I approve of this message.

Coming soon – Shakespeare In The Stark

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