Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Temecula, CA – Today is my first day back at work and what a day to come back on. It's cooler here at 57 than in Davenport, IA, which is 83 degrees as I write this. Also yesterday while speaking to an old and close family friend who spoke the words heard often from black folks in regard to Hillary Clinton, “Well, she does come with some baggage but...” Today that baggage got inspected and was found to be unworthy as a carrier.

So far today Hillary, Bill, and what's her name, are all quiet as the damning reports from the independent audits are made public. It would seem, being a former Monsanto lawyer like Clarence Thomas, the sole, not soul, dissenting vote against a man convicted by blatant racism, that like with Monsanto, an informed public is their worst enemy.

Also for all you 'black' Hillary fans like my friend from yesterday, when you go to the polls to vote remember these two items: When asked why she used a private server for her State Department classified emails, her answer was, “Well, Colin Powell did it,” thereby throwing the [n-word] under the bus. And two, Hillary's person she vows to be like is the Nobel Peace Prize winner who just sold arms to a Communist country to turn one yellow man against another, after picking out the ugliest, most rage-filled woman in photo history as a positive image to mend black feelings toward whites. Thanks Barry, you're all that and a bag of used condoms. The official Hillary comeuppance stories after the jump.

What the Inspector General report said in summation

The specifics are more damning

How the Clintons laundered money through their 'world help' 501 and helped their friends, none of whom is black [Sorry Charlie, only the white tuna].

How the Hillary corruption is being worked in our democratic system arrogantly. 

One guy who did hack her 'secure' private server.

Hillary and Huma.

Hillary and the Panama Papers.

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