Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Temecula, CA – This past weekend as 98% of the nation praised, BBQ'd about, and remembered all the various men and women who fell in defense of this nation, the remaining two 1% groups are both saying respectively, 'Thanks to us, it's working'.

The first 0ne Percent is well known in name and fortune, as they constitute the ruling class of America. Most would call them the Establishment, but in truth, it is the Establishment that they established. They have anointed Reps and Senators nationally and statewide, now they stand ready to bring the first queen to power in the United States of England. United by a bloodline and the word 'between' [#996, Strong's Concordance], these people stand atop a mountain of grief descending rapidly over America and the peoples of the world.

The other 1% are unknown, except to their families, their children, their fellow protestors, activists, and detractors, usually paid unknown corporate shills who roam like those metallic seekers in The Matrix Series. This 1% has always existed but the woman in the picture above is one of the current crop. And it is this current crop that seeks to move this mountain of grief from over the 98% an inch at a time. This report is dedicated to those ants and why they are also saying, “Thanks to us, it's working.”

When ants move a mountain, it's slower than watching the sun go across the sky, so the progress can be lost in translation. But as Peter Griffin has said, “Visual aids are so handy.”

Participation in most ventures does not bring immediate gratification which explains why buying stuff is so rewarding, so progress has to be recorded to show movement. As a citizen journalist who covers grass-roots movements against the Establishment's plans for the masses, I record these events for my stories to Temecula and the world. One day up in Orange County as I rolled past an old protest corner, I spotted a curious thing – change!! Remember this gold fire hydrant from that GMO protest a few years back?

Well, recently while tooling around in the same neighborhood, I spotted this change.

Yep, though not the same identical fire hydrant, the city with the gold ones has painted them flat white. Of course where I live we have a bit more imagination, not having to sit around counting our money.

Moving right along. Remember these guys?

Recently I entered Albertsons/Vons [now both owned by the same mega-corp] and saw THIS!!

Finally, thanks to our 1%, the other 98% who shop there now have a healthy option. Thanks to us, it's working.

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