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Temecula, CA – Though on 'Spring Break' the news wasn't; neither were my moles and tipsters. The following report is the first of two that shows Northern California has started a Civil War with Southern California over cannabis, something predicted by Jack Herer in 2003, [page 267, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon]. The reasons of this Civil War is exactly the same as for the original, a clash of economic systems only in reverse. This time the North seeks to enslave those in the South; those who support and depend on Prop 215 as it stands.

The following report also illustrates the modern need for citizen journalism and individual research, along with common sense logic. With most modern commercial journal avenues, the need to be tied in to advertisers favorably has become increasingly corrupt with modern newspapers acting as propaganda machines for the establishment political cronies whose way up the party ladder hinders on what money prize can be delivered at the public expense. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Recently the Sacramento Bee posted Bernie Sanders made the announcement that he supported ballot initiative measure 15-0103 or the Adult Use Marijuana Act, known as AUMA, the state sponsored legalization for marijuana. This was a bald-faced lie passed off as a scoop. If you're wondering why a professional newspaper would print an obvious falsehood, make the jump now.

While the slang word 'rag' when used to describe a functioning newspaper means sleazy at best, a more accurate term is 'yellow journalism'. This category of disdain came from the Hearst newspaper chain which used fake, alarmist headlines to incite racism and link sexual savagery to 'marijuana use' in the 30s by Negroes and jazz players copulating with well-to-do white women.

Today I use the same term for newspaper propaganda in describing the Sacramento Bee by allowing David Siders, who reportedly has a very coddled relationship with Amanda Reitman [the AUMA proponent from the Drug Policy Alliance] to make up a false headline touting the fictitious scoop. The Bee is owned by the McKlatchy Corporation, which has strong Democratic ties to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, AUMA's most high ardent supporter. Green gold fever does that to a man, or woman, cough Hillary 'Email' Clinton. Requests to the Sacramento Bee for a correction or clarification made May 19 have not been answered still, as far as this news blog knows.

Expect more pro-AUMA manure from the Bee that turned to a Rag.

Proverbs 14:15? That's the sub-title of this piece and as the editor, it was used for a reason.

(Story source - 'Chico')

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