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Temecula, CA – Returning to the scene of the time a few days ago, I stepped off the bus and spied all the hoopla. You couldn't miss it really as the spacious park green area brought visions of Brit, Iowa to mind, which is the home of our Fugitive Commissioner [Sports]. Under 'iffy' skies, which means 'uh oh' in Murrieta, having memorized when I needed to catch the last bus back, I walked into the first ever, again in Murrieta, Wishbone Festival. This event was courtesy of 'a tip.' Holy Lois Lane, Batman!

This first event was organized by M.A.D. Hands, whose vision is “to provide art to at-risk kids in order to help foster self expression, develop healthy coping skills, and strengthen sense of self.” The MAD stand for Make A Difference. In short, the group is run by abuse survivors and chooses topics that need exposure where awareness could prevent or reduce the number of at-risk kid situations. Boy, was I glad I wore my 'GMO? We're Not Buying It' bold-lettered tee. The 42plus nurses brim was my fish sign in the sand.

After the jump, we take a look at the day the easy way. “Visual aids are ever so handy.” - Peter Griffin

Though it kicked off at 1PM, I arrived fashionably late and looked around.

 But the sun was out and in under thick puffy, mostly white clouds with gusts at times.

It made photographing the artists difficult at times, like here with Midnight Satellites.

For a while however, the weather nature of Murrieta cooperated and the families, the artists, everyone loved it.

 The Pop-Ups were popping, 

There was a variety of craft and arty items available, like at a bazaar.

 We even had 3 bounce houses - THREE! In your face, Louise and Regular-sized Rudy. The West is best.

And food [$6]


The 'Uh Oh' moment arrived.

This caused a 'falling away'...

The sun did return for the true Marvel fans,

Who got to enjoy the headliner, the second local singer* with The Voice credits, Cole Criske,

And enjoyed the beer garden treats and conversations,

As this year's Wishbone Festival wraps.

Until next year...

Keep making a difference, and thanks. Again the book I shared is I Never Told Anyone - ISBN 0-06-096573-8.

Sound was handled ably by Joe McMillen, an acoustic performer who had a complete CD package for fans that included CD lyrics, 3 buttons, and the first poetry edition of TENZINE by 10EYES. He and the tall statuesque beer tender each netted a signed copy of Memoirs. Hot pizza from Pacino's topped off my second visit in 2 days to the magical heart of the valley. Enjoy the read, my new friends.

(* - Lee Koch (Cook) was the first, see archives - Ed)

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