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Temecula, CA – At long last Bernie Sanders is taking off the kid gloves, after being kneed in the nuts allegorically and repeatedly by the forces behind putting Hillary Clinton towards the White House. I guess she must have broken some of the old stolen plates throwing them at Bill, or she gave them away as a wedding present. [“Don't worry Dear, I'll get another set. The butler there told me.”]

After crowing 'Victory' in the nothing vote primary of Washington State though Bernie gobbled up the delegates from the earlier caucus, the email scandal may have finally given Bernie the killer instinct to drive a wooden stake through the DNC's blatant power grab antics led by attached at the [censored] Debbie Wasser-name. Sanders has called for a re-canvassing of the vote totals tallied from electronic voting machines and absentee ballots from all 120 counties in Kentucky.

The purpose of a re-canvass is to verify the accuracy of the vote totals reported from the voting machines. Clinton, of course, unofficially proclaimed victory even though AP said the race was too close to call and the candidates split the delegates evenly. County boards of elections will convene at 9 a.m. local time on Thurs., May 26 to conduct the re-canvass, reports Alison L. Grimes (no kin to Frank). Meanwhile back here at the ranch, Disney's Ranch that is, The Bern called out Disney on several counts. And he got a private Facebook reply. All that after the jump.

Sanders said that the entertainment giant "pays its workers [at the happiest place on Earth] so low that many are forced to live in motels because they can't afford a decent place to live.” He contrasted that with Disney’s “record-breaking profit of nearly $3 billion last quarter.” He also attacked the company for last year laying off 250 technology workers after requiring some of them to train their replacements: foreign employees hired on temporary H-1B visas for highly skilled technical workers through an Indian outsourcing firm. Thanks Mitt.

Bernie contrasted the layoffs against Disney CEO Bob Iger’s $46.5 million pay package and cited Disney as “an example of what we are talking about when we talk about a rigged economy."

In response, Iger blasted Sanders in a private Facebook message, according to The Wrap, asking what the long-time politician had added to the economy.
“To Bernie Sanders: We created 11,000 new jobs at Disneyland in the past decade, and our company has created 18,000 in the US in the last five years. How many jobs have you created? What have you contributed to the US economy?"
In response to a response, we get this from MSN comments* rebuttal concerning what Bernie has done, which suddenly have returned, another strange miracle.

He's passed 4x the legislation that H.C. ever has. There's a reason Congress still calls him the Amendment King. Without him a lot of critical legislation would not have passed and gov shutdowns would have went on much longer if he wasn't in office. Many in congress from Lyndsey Graham and Marco Rubio all over the aisle have admitted that Bernie is the last thread holding congress together." - MSN commentator

It would seem that like the spokesperson for Disney who told The Wrap that Sanders “clearly doesn't have his facts right,” is themselves guilty of the same charge. Also it's important to understand that the Disney CEO never denied anything that Bernie Sanders said, only that he tried to turn the argument into an apples vs oranges debate, a Hillary Clinton tactic but hardly original, although she's old enough.

(See the upcoming story* - Sometimes The Bullshit Doesn't Win. Story sources - Claire Zillman, G.A. Casebeer)

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